Little Reviews: Libby’s Fruit & Vegetable Cups

Last week we received a package of Libby’s® Vegetable Cups and Libby’s® Fruit Cups. It contained a 4-pack of diced carrots and a pack of mixed fruit cups along with some product information.  I saved the product information for last because I think it is important to try a product with an open mind in order to form the best opinion for my family about it.

With baby #2 due any day now and running from appointment to appointment with a 17-month old in tow, we were looking for healthy (without all the additives) yet easy-to-pack snacks for the diaper bag.  The fruit and veggie cups are a perfect match; there is no prepping or thinking needed behind these healthy snacks.  Just grab one (or 2) from your pantry (or refrigerator if you like it chilled), toss in your bag, and be on your way.  And each cup is a full-serving of fruits or veggies!

Libby's Fruit & Vegetable Cups


When our little guy test-tasted the diced carrots we were at home for dinner.  My husband chuckled as I warmed the carrot cup in the microwave for about 15 seconds.  Since the first day we ever introduced carrots to our son he has turned his nose up at them and has downright refused to eat them. In reality, we anticipated a carrot-eating-battle at the dinner table that evening.  Although the 4-ounce mixed fruit cups with only 25 calories and less than 5 grams of sugar were easily devoured by my healthy eater, I decided not to press my luck by giving him the entire carrot cup in one sitting.  I dished some out onto his tray.  The first carrot made it to the fork and was headed towards his mouth, but I was still hesitant.  In and down it went!  It was followed by an enthusiastic cheer and clapping!  Operation carrots were a success!  (I am not a carrot eater and I wonder where my son gets it from, but my husband did sneak a taste and they got his approval, too!)


Libby's Fruit & Vegetable Cups


In addition to being a convenient healthy go-to snack, the fruit cups have no added sugar!  This was an important factor for our family with sugar being added to so many other foods these days.  The 4-ounce cups were a perfect size for his little hands as well as being durable.  I am also all about making room in the kitchen pantry, so the see-through containers were an added bonus once you removed the cardboard packaging; allowing you to stack the cups yet see what kind they were on the shelf.  My only dislike with the product was the amount of syrup in each cup.  Both the carrot and fruit juice oozed everywhere when opening the cups.  Overall, Libby’s® Vegetable Cups and Libby’s® Fruit Cups get 2 thumbs up from our family!



Disclosure: The writer received free product samples in order to facilitate her product review.  All opinions are her own and no other compensation was received. 

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