Libertyville Autism Center Opens January 18, 2015

Libertyville Autism Center
Photo Courtesy of Trumpet Behavioral Health

Is your child on the spectrum?  You will soon have a new option for autism therapy services in Lake County.  On January 18, 2016 Trumpet Behavioral Health (TBH) opens its doors to a new center-based autism therapy program in Libertyville at 28045 N. Ashley Circle, Suite 201.

TBH clinical services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to address challenging behaviors and skill deficits. Kristen Cooper, Clinical Director with Trumpet’s Wisconsin and Illinois regions, explains,

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of behavior: examining why people do what they do and using this information to determine how to most effectively teach new skills and decrease and replace maladaptive behavior. At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we practice ABA because it is evidence-based, meaning these principles have been scientifically proven to work across a variety of people and settings.

Using the principles of ABA, the new center will create programming to best fit each client, so families receive individualized programs to maximize their child’s potential.  If your child has already been receiving treatment elsewhere, TBH’s center-based treatment model means your child can now receive the majority of their sessions under one roof.  This allows for increased social opportunities as well as frequent treatment and supervision from the clinicians responsible for tracking progress.

Libertyville Autism Center
Photo Courtesy of Trumpet Behavioral Health

But it’s not just about the individual.  Because one of the difficulties faced by children with autism is in forming relationships, the center will also serve to foster connections between individuals and their community.  According to Cooper,

We will offer social groups to teach age appropriate social skills, provide regular practice opportunities and encourage on-going friendships and peer support for our clients. In many other areas where we’re fortunate to serve families, we have offered parent support groups, counseling services, parent date nights, holiday parties and other community-building gatherings. The specific direction of our local involvement will be influenced by the needs of the community and the clients and families we serve.

When your child is on the spectrum, you need support too.  TBH works with the entire family and values parental collaboration. Parents are involved and provided with training in all aspects of programming.  Cooper elaborates,

We want to know what skills are going to have the largest and most positive impact on your family—be it sleep, toilet training, or communication skills, to name a few—and that is where we will begin with intervention…  In everything we do, we strive to connect families with the resources and supports they need to maximize their child’s potential. Sometimes, that means having an integrated relationship with the other services they receive such as Speech and Occupational Therapy. Other times, it means being involved with their school IEP or transition plan.

Lani Fritts, Chief Executive Officer at Trumpet Behavioral Health, echoes Cooper’s sentiments while highlighting the need for more service providers in the region.

Our new center enables us to grow awareness and acceptance of autism while opening up new opportunities for enhanced development for children with autism throughout Northern Illinois.

To that end, they seek to offer reassurance and hope to families who are newly coping with news of this diagnosis by connecting them with the growing resources and body of research dedicated to quality autism treatment.  According to Cooper,

To support outside efforts of awareness and acceptance, we take part in local autism events, resource fairs, fundraisers, and much more, along with offering our own trainings and workshops. We want each person we interact with to know that they are not alone and that we’re honored to walk alongside them to help their child maximize his or her potential.

Libertyville Autism Center
Photo Courtesy of Trumpet Behavioral Health

A concern for any parent is how they will pay for services. Navigating the red tape of insurance eligibility is no fun task.  As part of its effort to provide the best services possible, TBH created a family accounts department to educate parents and to provide free insurance eligibility reviews. TBH’s insurance specialists have expertise in navigating the “ins and outs” of insurance mandates, benefits plans and Regional Center requirements. Parents can complete their requests online or they can call toll-free 1-855-824-5669, option 2. Reviews currently take five to 10 business days.


Libertyville Autism Center
Photo Courtesy of Trumpet Behavioral Health

Cooper wants every family to know they are not alone.

One of my favorite phrases describing autism spectrum disorder is “if you know one child with autism…you know one child with autism” because it speaks to the unique abilities, experiences and strengths in each of our clients. Autism impacts people differently but generally speaking, it means that this individual is going to experience the world in a unique and special way… He or she may also surprise you with the ability to learn, grow and even excel in many areas of life.

ABA Programs and Services Available from Trumpet Behavioral Health Include:

• Intensive Educational and Behavioral Services
• Early Intervention ABA Therapy for Autism and Related Disorders
• Center-Based Direct Instruction
• Language/Social Skills Acquisition
• Family Support and Skills Training
• Functional Behavior Assessment Services
• Consultation Services
• Seminars and Conference Presentations

School-Based Behavioral Health Services

• Functional Behavior Assessments
• Program Design and Evaluation
• Individual Treatment Plans
• IEP Development and Support
• Teacher Training and Support
• Classroom Evaluations
• Coordinated Service Plans with Teachers

Parent and Family Services

• Parent Education and Training
• After School ABA Services
• Intensive Educational and Behavioral Services
• Insurance Services

Trumpet Behavioral Health – Libertyville Autism Center28045 N. Ashley Circle, Suite 201, Libertyville
(872) 208-7893 | Facebook

Opens Monday, January 18, 2016!
Open House coming in February, follow Trumpet Behavioral Health – Chicagoland on Facebook for date announcement and details. 

Disclosure: Trumpet Behavioral Health is a Little Lake County paid advertising partner. 

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