Little Bookshelf: Gardening Reads

My kids love to help me in the garden and they also really enjoy reading books about gardening. Books have the ability to educate and inspire them to make the world a greener place. Here are a few of my recent library finds.

gardening books for kids

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

Liam lived in a dreary city without any gardens until one day when he ventured to the top of some old train tracks and found a small plant growing. He nurtures this small plant all summer watching new plants spring up around it. After the long winter, Liam returned again to continue tending to his garden and it grew beyond the train tracks and throughout the city. New plants sprang up all around along with new gardeners to care for them.

I love the main character’s optimism, sense of adventure and commitment. My daughter enjoys from the drab and smoke filled city on the first page to the image of the lush green city at the end…a clear illustration of how one determined little boy, armed with patience and a few tools, was able to make the world a better (and cleaner) place for everyone.

The Carrot Seed 60th Anniversary Edition by Ruth Krauss

This is a classic tale of one boy’s quest to grow his very own carrot. He is patient and resolute in the face of others telling him that “it won’t come up”. He continues to water and weed the area until his huge prize-winning carrot finally springs from the ground surprising everyone but him. The minimalist images and text clearly convey a message of faith, conviction and patience.

What are your favorite garden inspired stories? Have you picked up anything good at your library this week? Leave us your recommendations and which library you visit, in the comments!

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Little Bookshelf: Gardening Reads
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