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Night animals are also called “nocturnal” which means that they come out during the night or when it’s dark out. There are a lot of animals that are considered nocturnal such as owls and raccoons. While there are a lot of non-fiction books about nocturnal animals there are also a lot of picture books that focus on these night animals too. Here are some great stories about night animals and other nighttime stories to enjoy.

books about nocturnal animals

Books About Nocturnal Animals

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn Illustrated by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

The Kissing Hand is a beautiful and touching story about when a child first goes to school and is afraid to leave their parents. Chester is worried to be away from his mother to go to night school, but she shows him a trick, so he will remember that she is with him no matter where he is by kissing the palm of his hand and telling him that when he is scared to bring it to his cheek and know that she is right there with him.

While The World Is Sleeping By Pamela Duncan Edwards Illustrated by Daniel Kirk

An owl takes a child on a nighttime journey to see what happens in the world while everyone else is sleeping. While the World is Sleeping is a calming and poetic book for kids while getting ready for bed. This story also shows a child that while nighttime is for sleeping, other animals in the world are awake.

A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na

When the sun sets, the owl keeps an eye on the other animals while they settle in for bed. A Book of Sleep is a beautiful story with straightforward text that helps illustrate how animals fall asleep. Some stand up, some sleep with one eye open, or even some sleep with both eyes open—this a perfect story for bedtime and children who love animals. The illustrations are captivating, and the colors blend nicely in a way that illustrates the peaceful nighttime scenery.

I’m Not Scared!  by Johnathan Allen

Baby Owl is NOT staying up too late, and of course, he is certainly NOT scared when he travels into the woods at night by himself (with his stuffed animal Owly). On his walk in the woods, Baby Owl and Owly come across many animals that tell Baby Owl not to be scared, and he replies, “I’m NOT scared.” This is a cute story about learning that being afraid is okay and that sometimes there is nothing to be afraid of once you know what is making you scared, and of course, a hug from mom or dad doesn’t hurt either.

Owly & Wormy, Bright Lights and Starry Nights by Andy Runton

Owly and Wormy want to look at the stars however they encounter some obstacles along the way, such as, scary noises and some weather issues. Find out if Owly and Wormy overcome these obstacles in this wonderfully illustrated wordless picture book.

After you have taken a look at these wonderful books try out this fun game. This is a game that kids and parents can play to guess the sound of some night animals. Some are tricky so listen carefully.

Want more books about night (nocturnal) animals or other nighttime stories? Head into a library and check out what they have to offer. There are always new treasures to be found within books.

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Little Bookshelf: Night Animal Stories
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