Little Lake County’s {virtual} Cookie Exchange


It’s that time of year for baking, baking, and more baking! Between parties and gifts, we make dozens upon dozens of cookies every December. I am always on the lookout for new, tried, and true recipes.

virtual cookie exchange

Do you feel the same way? Then I hope you will join us for our first-ever virtual cookie exchange!

Every Tuesday in December we’ll share one or more cookie recipe from our kitchen or ours. To be included in the {virtual} exchange. To participate just fill out the form below:

Guidelines for recipes:

  1. The recipe does not need to be original but if it’s not original you must include a source (i.e. from Every Day Food Magazine, or adapted From The Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook).
  2. You must email LittleLakeCounty {at} a minimum of one image of the finished product that you yourself took.

Want more easy and fun recipes? Find all our favorite recipes here.

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