Little Lake Learning Station Preschool {Grayslake}

MompofMonthWelcome to Mompreneur Monday, where we introduce you to a Mom-based businesses in Lake County.

This month we are introducing you to Cory Cameron,  owner of Grayslake’s newest preschool, Little Lake Learning Station.

We spoke more in depth with Cory Cameron, Director of Little Lake Learning School located in Grayslake, IL. Cory gave us insight on Little Lake Learning Station’s Philosophy as well as questions parents may have when researching a preschool to send their child to.

Little Lake Learning Station Preschool

What is your educational philosophy?
Our goal at Little Lake Learning Station is to provide a safe, nurturing and caring environment for all children.  The staff is dedicated to providing all that your child needs to grow physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.  Little Lake Learning Station vows to treat every child like they are our own. 
Each child is an individual and will be treated as such.  They each have a unique personality and grow at their own rate.  We will provide your child with an individualized education that will help foster all areas of development. 
We are a community of diverse families and learners.  Staff will embrace this diversity and create a classroom that also embraces it.   Little Lake Learning Station believes that together as a community, we help children develop a positive self-image and help them define their individuality.
Little Lake Learning Station is your family’s first experience with education.  We want to instill a lifelong love of learning in children and provide parents with the tools and knowledge to help their child continue on their educational path.
How does your philosophy shape the activities and curriculum for the class?
We plan our activities with the child in mind.  What interests the child, what is around the child that is important to them, their family and the local environment. 
How does the school communicate with parents about their child and school happenings?
We have a daily board that recaps the days activities and what the meals were for the day.  We also keep our Facebook and website updated with photos of our educational experiences and upcoming events.  We also take every opportunity to conference with parents daily.  Whether it is about how the child slept the night before, if they have any concerns or how the child’s day went at school.
How does the school handle discipline?
We have setup our curriculum and classroom to minimize negative behavior.  But if negative behaviors occur, we use redirection at first.  We discuss with the child about what has happened and how we can make better choices and then redirected to a different activity.  If the behavior reoccurs, timeouts can be used but for only as long as their age. If we find the behavior is on going, a reward system such as a sticker chart can be used.  We always want to focus on the positive behaviors children display, rather than the negative. Any special behavior system will first be discussed with the parents to make sure they approve and that we can provide a consistent program at home and school.
Does the school plan on extracurricular activities such as field trips, community involvement, music, art, or guest speakers for example.
Currently we do not do field trips. In the next couple weeks, we are looking to plan an in-school field trips such as a petting zoo, or magician. 
Do you have a security plan for the safety of the children? Such as a fenced in area for the kids to play outside, parent entrance for pick up and drop off? ID checks for picking up the kids if the parent is unable to do so?
All the above.  Our play area is surround by a 8 ft privacy fence, our entry is door has a coded entry and every family has their own code,  we have security cameras in every classroom and other locations throughout the building,  ID’s are always checked when a child is being pick up from someone other then a parent, and we have an alarm system that alerts us when any outside doors have been open.  Security is important in keeping the kids safe. We take it very seriously, besides providing an educational and nurturing environment, we provide a safe and secure environment as well.
Any programs for kids with special needs or families with financial needs such as a payment plan?
If we are able to meet the needs for a child with special needs, we are more than willing to provide care for those families.  If the children require services such as OT, PT, speech or play therapy, we welcome all therapist into our center to provide the services for the children.  We have made connections with area developmental therapists and early education screeners, that will come on site with and perform free developmental screens with the signed approval of the parents.
We also accept the Child Care Assistance Program through the YWCA.  This program is available to all that qualify and require the parents to pay a set co-pay to their childcare provider.  We ONLY require the parents to pay the co-pay and no other fees!
Little Lake Learning Station Preschool
How do I best prepare my child for your school?
Tours are a great way to prepare your child for school.  Let us introduce the teachers and let your child explore the center as their discretion.  We also offer a free trial class.  We want to make sure you and your child feel comfortable in our setting, so we all can make the most out of the child’s first educational experience
What does your meal planning look like?
All of our meals are planned according to all DCFS standards.  We provide a breakfast, lunch and two snacks as part of our program.  Our breakfast consist of cereal, bagels with cream cheese, English muffins with jelly, fruit and grain bars, always a fruit and milk.  Our snacks may include goldfish, veggies straws, pretzels, crackers and cheese and served with 100% juice. Our lunch consist of a fruit, veggie, starch (mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, stuffing, bread with butter) and a protein (turkey dogs, chicken nuggets, turkey slices, beef raviolis, chopped steak) all served with milk. 
Little Lake Learning StationLittle Lake Learning Station opened in February 2014 and it now taking summer and fall enrollment for children ages 2-6.
Cory is offering Little Lake County Readers a discounted rate of $175 per week for a full time child now through August 1. Just tell her you found her on Little Lake County!
Little Lake Learning Station
33205 Hwy 45, Grayslake | (847) 886-4525
For more information and rates please email Cory at [email protected]
Follow them on Facebook followfor special events and to see more pictures of the center.

Disclosure: Little Lake County is not associated with Little Lake Learning Station. Mompreneur partnerships and event listing’s are not an endorsement of a particular school or curriculum but are provided to give the community more in depth information about options available.
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