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GuestLibrarianRLAPLThis coming Saturday, December 5th, 2015 is International Ninja Day.  So gather your best ninja books or try some of  these great titles and enjoy some crazy adventures and some amazing stunts by all different kinds  of characters for you to enjoy.


Stories for Ninjas by pbinmyhair on Polyvore

Ninja Stories for Kids

Dojo Daycare by Chris Tougas

This is one of the cutest books I have read so far this year. I love the illustrations, the rhyming and the sound effects (kaboom, kapow).

The poor master has a hard time controlling these ninjas and he tries to teach them respect but things get out of control until one small ninja corrals the other ninjas into showing respect to their master. Kids and parents will absolutely adore this book and want to read it over and over again.

*If you enjoyed this book there is another book in the series called Dojo Daytrip that came out in September*


Ninja Boy Goes to School by N.D. Wilson illustrated by J.J. Harrison

This is a fun book that delves into what it takes to be a ninja. Comparisons are drawn to nimble mountain goats, strong gorillas and silent ghosts which are all aspects that a ninja. He tries to usehis “ninja” skills in school but it doesn’t go over so well.

This is a nice story that kids of all ages will enjoy and possibly relate to playing “ninja” with their friends or by themselves. This may also give some of them new ideas and expand their imaginations.

My Grandma’s a Ninja by Todd Tarpley and Danny Chatzikonstantinou

Ethan’s grandma came for a visit but she isn’t an ordinary person, she is a ninja. She broadens Ethan’s everyday life by taking him to school by zipline and being his show and tell project. However, after many fun ninja moves Ethan begins to want his life to return to normal and after the incident with the deflated soccer ball him and his friends seemed to have had enough. However, all turns out well for Ethan when he remembers his grandma’s flips and other ninja moves to help him win the game.

This was great book that showed the fun times of being a ninja but also the importance of just being a grandma too and how important she is to Ethan.

This is a great book for kids of all ages and everyone can take something else away from this story.

Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DaCosta illustrated by Ed Young

The ninja creeps in the night through the quiet house in search of something… but what could it be? However the ninja isn’t as quiet as he thinks and gets caught red handed by his mother.

This is a quick story with a very interesting style of illustrations that kids will enjoy. The style creates an entirely different feel for the story. Overall children 3-7 will enjoy this story of silence in the night.



Little Kunoichi, The Ninja Girl by Sanae Ishida

Little Kunoichi goes to a super-secret training camp for ninja girls. Unfortunately she is not very good at her ninja skills and hides in her secret hiding place to ponder what to do next. While thinking she hears Chibi Samurai working really hard despite his size. This inspires Little Kunoichi to try harder and eventually she becomes friends with Chibi Samurai and they decide to work together to become better. Finally when it is time for the festival, Little Kunoichi and Chibi Samurai show off their training to the crowd.

The illustrations are very beautiful and there is some information in the back of the book for more information on Japanese traditions and other interesting facts. This is a great story about never giving up if it something that you are interested in because you can always improve. This is a great book for kids of all ages.


Don’t forget there are plenty more where these books came from so check out your local library to see what other books grab your attention because trust me the fun never stops when you have books to explore.


Find these books and more at “As Seen on Little Lake County” on Pinterest

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