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A few weeks ago I told you how we were trying out the Grayslake Area Public Library’s 1,000 books before Kindergarten program. Well we have finished our first 100 books! We turned in our list today and received our first prize, a nice tote bag that is perfect for hauling more books! I am always curious about what other kids are reading and we are always on the lookout for new books so I thought I would share with you what we are reading to reach each 100 book milestone.  My daughter is almost two so there are not 100 different books, we read some {a lot} of the same books over and over and some I couldn’t find images of, but here is what we read:

1000 books before kindergarten

I thought I would highlight 3 that we love a lot (bigger images above with heart). I will list the rest of those shown in text only links below.

Little Green, Keith Baker

This is pretty little board book that teaches kids about movement as it follows the path of a humming bird. They learn all different words for directions, up, down, zigging, zagging and older kids will get a kick out of finding the little work that is hidden on every page.




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Hondo and Fabian, Fabian Escapes, Peter McCarthy

I am totally biased towards kids books tat have pretty pictures. I figure if I have to read these books 100’s of times I want to look at pretty things. The Hondo and Fabian books share the adventures of two house pets, a cat and a dog. Each story follow them through the day mirroring what each animal is doing. It’s a simple story with beautiful illustrations keeps even squirmy toddlers entertained.




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Kitten’s First Full Moon, Kevin Henkes

Another pretty book this black and white picture book follows a kitten who things the full moon is a bowl of milk and will do anything to get it. All of my kids have loved this book and the big kids will curl up to read this with the little one now.

The most fun of putting this list together was seeing how she has progressed in her stories We still do a lot of short board books and repetitive classics. However seeing longer and longer books show up more frequently towards the end showed me she’s growing! I can’t wait to find some new favorite books, “Little Gorilla” is the current favorite, and check out some of the librarians recommendations.


Other Titles shown above:

What are your little ones reading?



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