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Being in Lake County means you have plenty of choices to experience farm life and agriculture with  your kids. However only one of these venues allows you to transform lives with your visit. Just about  anyone who lives in Lake County or has driven on I-94 knows of Lambs Farm. But what do you really know about the farm?

Playdate at Lambs Farm

Did you know…

  • Lambs Farm was started by a teacher and a bus driver who wanted to grow their mission of providing those with developmental disabilities with a way to lead productive and fulfilling lives.
  • Lambs Farm begins in 1961 as a Pet Shop on State Street in Chicago. They moved to Libertyville in 1965 when philanthropist W. Clement Stone donated the farm and the Owen Family and donors restored the century-old barn into the area’s largest pet store.
  • Lambs Farm makes a difference in the lives of nearly 250 participants.
  • Lambs Farm is more than an attraction. It is a special place where adults with developmental disabilities can create lives of their own. Where they are safe and empowered to choose the working and living environments suited to them, and where they can learn new skills and hobbies.
  • “Lambs Farm is about helping people and helping people help themselves. It is about self-reliance, hard work, and a nurturing environment, all working together to cultivate human fulfillment.
Playdate at Lambs Farm

Monday, June 23, 2014

Little Lake County has partnered with Lambs Farm to offer you a chance to learn about and experience Lambs Farm like never before. This playdate experience is unlike one you can get on your own and a better value than on a deal site. For $8/child (adults are FREE) you will:

  • Meet us on the farm for an exclusive morning playdate before the farm opens to the public
  • Meet the animals up close, play, and see the attractions
  • Exclusive photo op with an animal in the barn
  • Feed the animals with a provided bag of hay
  • Enjoy a carousel ride
  • Enjoy a snack in the Magnolia cafe (included for children)
  • Paint a piggy bank to take home

You will get all this plus the experiences visitors on the farm have grown to love, brushing the goats, exploring the discovery center and playing on the playground.

Playdate at Lambs Farm

We will meet at the farm at 9:00 a.m. (it opens to the public at 10:00 a.m.) and you will be free to explore the Farm Yard and the provided activities at your leisure. At 10:30 a.m. we will as a group head over to the Magnolia Cafe and children will receive a snack (choose at ticketing cut-up fresh fruit or oatmeal cookie). After snack, the kids will get to paint piggy banks while we learn more about Lambs Farm and what they have to offer.

This event is only being offered through Little Lake County, you can’t get it anywhere else! It’s a great chance to learn more about the farm and experience it without the crowds or worry of camps showing up.  Space is limited so get your tickets today!

Little Playdate on the Farm – Monday June 23 9:00 a.m.

* Tickets are $8 per child and are required for all children over the age of 1. Non-walking children under the age of 1 and adults do not need a ticket.

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