Little Reflections of Motherhood (part 1 of 3)

Reflections of Motherhood

As Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect on what being a mother means to me. Last night I was kissing my son goodnight and said (as I say every night) “I’m so lucky to be your mommy”.  And he replied “You always say that’.   But I’m ok with that. I mean it. I know as moms we say a lot over and over again. But I hope my son remembers that I said it to him every night. Because I am so lucky to be his mommy!

Sure, I say my fair share of “stop fighting with your brother!” and “go brush your teeth”.  But if my kids were to write a book entitled “What my mom taught me” I’d want all of this included!

My Mommy always says…

  • she is proud of me
  • being kind is more important than being right
  • the world is a magnificent place
  • there is beauty everywhere
  • scientists ask the right questions
  • moms can do anything dads can do
  • eat your veggies
  • think of ways to help others
  • don’t let mean kids ruin your day
  • make someone else feel good everyday
  • count your blessings not your worries
  • quit waiting for someone to make a difference, I am someone
  • if you want to try something new, do it!
  • my mommy believes I can do anything and so do I!

I encourage you this mother’s day to write a letter to your child and place it in their baby book, sharing your knowledge, love and wishes for them.  Capture what 2014 means to you as a mother.

What would your kids add to the list? What did YOUR mom always say to you? Share it with us in the comments!

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