Little Reflections of Motherhood (part 2 of 3)

As Mother’s Day approaches, Cheryl reflect on what being a mother means to her, read part 1.
Reflections of Motherhood

It’s not that my second child (#2) is my favorite, but since he’s my last I find myself soaking in every “first” and every “last”.  Letting him fall asleep while I breastfed him because even though you’re not supposed to, I loved that feeling and I knew it wasn’t going to last forever.

The first tooth.

The first wiggly tooth.

The first Christmas (even though he was only 10 days old).

The first bike ride with no training wheels.


#1 is 11 years old and I didn’t have a digital camera until he was almost 4 years old.  I have had a digital camera for the whole life of #2. Always in my purse to capture cute facial expressions, blowing bubbles, a sidewalk chalk work of art.  And videos too; of baby noises and singing silly songs.

Because of that I think #2 has an even better baby book. And by better I mean filled out almost completely…

#2 has sat on the sidelines of every sporting event for his older brother. And now he has his own sports to play.

I struggle to give #2 personalized attention. I want to spend time with both my kids. But #1 had me to himself for 4 ½ years, #2 should get some special mommy time too.

And after #1 stopped “believing”, those visits from Santa, the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny are even more special. It’s all for #2 now.  And I don’t want that to end. EVER!

#2 is smart too!  He learns things quicker, catches on, navigates the family politics, plays sports better and knows how to negotiate way before I remember #1 doing.  But I can’t take credit for all of that that, he has an awesome big brother to pave the way.

#2 can be grown up and hang with his brother. And the very next moment cuddle with you in the couch and be your baby.

He is brave. Fearless. And sometimes so fearless he gives me a heart attack.

#2 is what made our family complete. Before him our family was missing something.

But #1 made me a mom, and that is the thing I am most proud of. He’s pretty awesome too!

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