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Most of us have been in the position of trying to find just that perfect unique gift for new parents. Something that will really stand out and that they will appreciate, love and also something that is useful. Right? Right. I was excited to read about Life Pearls and even more excited when I received my own jar of beautiful pearls.

Life Pearls
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Now this is not just a jar of pearls (but it truly does look lovely sitting on my desk), but a way to make lasting memories each week with your child. The idea is to start new traditions each week once your child is born. Each week, you remove a pearl from the jar and the Life Pearls app sends you a new, age appropriate activity to complete with your child. There are 936 pearls in the jar–one pearl to represent each week in your child’s life from the time they are born until the child turns 18.

I loved the idea and wanted to start now, even though my daughter is almost four. No worries! You can start anytime. Once you get your pearls, it comes with a unique activation code. Simply download the app, plug in the code, and you are set. It will ask you some basic questions about the child it is for, such as birth date, so the activities can be customized appropriately. If you are starting when your child is older than a newborn, it will also let you know how many pearls to remove from the jar so you can catch up.

life pearls

The app is very straightforward and easy to use. Each week, I receive a notification sent to me letting me know that there is a new activity for us to do. Examples of past ones we had for my daughter’s age group were: Make two mailboxes and put one on either side of the house. Take turns writing and “mailing” letters to each other. Another was: Make a dice out of paper and tape and write a different activity on each side. Whenever your child is bored, roll the dice and complete that activity.

The app also allows you to rate each idea on a scale of 1-5 stars, and you can submit suggestions as well. There is a feature coming soon which is “Advice of the Week,” so I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for that.

Since this company is fairly new, I think they have so much potential to grow and implement new features to their app. It’s a wonderful idea, and truly unique. Having the vase of pearls sitting on my desk where I can see it constantly really has made me take a step back and reflect. Time passes by too fast anyway, so having something there to remind me to take some extra time to do a new activity, making special memories with my child, is invaluable.


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Disclaimer: The author received Life Pearls for the purpose of facilitating this review; but all opinions the writer’s own. No further compensation was received.


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