Little Reviews: Good Feed at The Silo

Lake Bluff, IL

This is a personal review from 2012, your experience may vary. Please see The Silo Website for current hours and events.

If you’ve driven down Rockland Road in Lake Bluff, just east of Waukegan Road, chances are you’ve noticed a unique building.  Resembling a ramshackle train depot with a giant grain silo, “The Silo” is a spot where you’ll find good fodder for you and the whole family.

the silo, lake bluff

The Silo, Lake Bluff

As the exterior would suggest, the interior is comfortable and casual.  The Silo has been a popular spot in the North Shore for decades, and the bustling and casual atmosphere make it the perfect spot for a meal with children.  Ask to be seated in the center of the first-floor dining area, where a model train circles overhead.

the silo, lake bluff
© L. Thomas | Little Lake | 2013

The Silo serves American standards like burgers, pasta, sandwiches, ribs, etc. They are best known for their pan pizza, which is even available with a gluten-free crust.  I have to admit that I committed a sin on my first visit and didn’t try the pizza.  When I returned home from my lunch with the kids, my husband, who has frequented The Silo for business lunches, berated me.  Apparently, you should not make the same mistake either.  Their pizza has received many accolades, and not just from my disappointed husband.

I love locally-owned, family-operated places that know how to cater to families. For us, the restaurant and model train’s overall hustle and bustle were enough to keep my young kids entertained. But on Sunday nights from 5:00-8:00 pm, The Silo makes it special for children when they feature BOZ the Magician. Arrive early to make sure he can get to your table for balloon animals and magic tricks.

The Silo serves lunch and dinner 6 days a week and is open for dinner only on Sundays. Visit their website for hours, specials, and upcoming events.

© L. Thomas | Little Lake | 2013

The Silo Restaurant 
625 Rockland Road (Rt. 176), Lake Bluff
(847) 234-6660 | Facebook

Have you visited The Silo? What’s your favorite menu item?

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Little Reviews: Good Feed at The Silo

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