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Do you have a fidget spinner in your house? Ha! That was a silly question, of course you do! If your kids are as obsessed with fidget spinners as mine, then you’re going to need the book Fun With Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities. One summer morning as my son was complaining about how bored he was, we opened it up and tried out some of the tricks listed inside. My son is seven and has a little collection of fidget spinners, so most were easy for us to try out. But if Jr. only has one fidget spinner, then I would suggest giving this book as a gift with a fidget spinner or inviting friends over to help with the multi-spinner tricks and challenges.

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Written by David King (shown in the photos throughout the book and also known as the YouTuber GeekBite), Colleen Dorsey (bestselling author of Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry, Epic Rubber Band Crafts, Rubber Band Jewelry All Grown Up, and Super Sands!) and Katie Weeber (author of Totally Awesome Paracord Crafts) the book starts off with an explanation of fidgeting, it’s educational benefits and a description of how fidget spinners are made as well as the different types of fidget spinners.

Chapter 3 starts Fidget Spinner Tricks and Games. The first tricks are easier ones that your child has probably tried or mastered already. The book then moves on to harder tricks and games. My son wasn’t able to master every trick the first time he tried it, which means we’ll be bringing the book back out again in the future to see how far we can make it through the tricks and games.

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If you’ve invited the neighborhood kids over to try the tricks, challenges and games, keep an eye on their progress, there are several tricks that involve the spinners going into the air (the book does tell the reader to go outside first), getting wet or slippery with soap, and one that involves a hand stand over a toilet.

What were our favorite tricks? My son liked The Nose Spinner and The Fidget Sandwich, while I enjoyed the challenge of The Tower of Power. Tricks that we want to master in the future include The Rocket, the Toe Toss and The Mega Toss.

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In the last chapter of the book there is a Spin Master Workbook so that you can check off the tricks and games listed in the book and add your own as well.

This would be a great gift anytime of year provided that your child can go outside and try the outdoor tricks. I know I’m going to bring it with us the next time we’re at the park or on a road trip, and it’s going on the list of gifts to get that kid who has everything.

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How many fidget spinners does your child have?

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