Little Reviews: JohnnyPops – All-Natural Popsicles

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In my ideal world, where my children sleep through the night and the kitchen is clean, I make a lot more of our food from scratch. Popsicles and ice cream are one of the things that, while the kids and I enjoy making, finding the time and having the right ingredients on hand doesn’t happen as much as I would like.

We recently got to try a new frozen treat, JonnyPops and it’s just what I would make if I was making them at home. All-natural with fresh ingredients, the strawberry pops have recognizable pieces of strawberry in them and taste, well they taste just like I would make them!

JohnnyPops – All-Natural Popsicles

JonnyPops say they are “smoothie’s on a stick:” and the strawberries and cream and especially the raspberry blueberry taste just like that. Before I even told my kids the tagline, my oldest said, mmm, this tastes just like a smoothie. The sleep-deprived mom in me really wanted to try the coffee and chocolate cream as it seems like it would be a great afternoon pick me up on a hot day, but sadly our local Jewel did not have any in stocks.

JonnyPops are all-natural with a short ingredient list you can read and understand: Real fruit, cream, cane sugar, and purified water. JonnyPops are peanut and tree nut-free, manufactured in a complete peanut and tree nut-free facility (with the exception of coconut). They even prohibit peanuts and tree nuts from employee lunches, so you can be sure there is no risk of cross-contamination!

Johnny Pops

Taste alone should not be why you splurge on JonnyPops. However, the story and mission behind it are nothing short of inspiring. Cousins Erik and Jonathon wanted to come up with an all-natural, delicious frozen treat. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the duo when Jonathon, who had long struggled with addiction, passed away from a drug overdose.

Wanting to honor Jonathon’s memory JonnyPops were created from Erik’s college dorm room with the motto “A Better Pop for a Better World”. A portion of the proceeds from their products goes to Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation, a national leader in addiction treatment and recovery.

That’s not all. Since addiction and donations may be hard for younger popsicle lovers to understand the pops have another, more subtle way of making the world a better place. Instead of finding an ad or a joke on your stick when you get done with your delicious treat, you will find a good deed. A small act of kindness that they use to encourage you to pay forward, no matter how small.

How fun is that? From make your best dance move to give someone a thumbs-up and say thank you, the acts are easy for kids and adults to do to pass on the message of making the world a better place.

Johnny Pops

JonnyPops are  available in thousands of convenience stores across the Midwest, including Jewel and Mariano’s.

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Little Reviews: JohnnyPops - All-Natural Popsicles
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