Little Reviews: KIND Fruit Snacks and Bars

We kindly refer to my children as fruit bats. They love fruit and devour fruit as fast as we can provide it. While we try to provide them with a wide variety of fresh options, we do live in the Midwest, and they are still kids. They want to fun and easy snacks that they can throw in their sport bags or backpacks. However fruit snacks are filled with so much stuff that this mom tries to limit, like sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  So when I saw that KIND Snacks was releasing new fruit snacks and pressed bars I had to try them. I knew they would be filled with good wholesome (and pronounceable) ingredients and would give me a healthy way to give the kids what they want.

KIND Fruit Bites

We were lucky enough to have both the KIND Fruit Bites in Cherry and the Pineapple Banana Pressed Bars for all our guests at our Mini and Me Playdate. I brought home a box of each for my kids to try and barely got a chance to photograph them before they were gone.

As expected, the snacks are filled with only good ingredients you can say and no additional sugar. The snacks are gluten-free and dye-free, and tasty! Everyone loved them, mom included. They are not nearly as sweet as your typical fruit snack or as squishy. Since they are all natural, they have a chewier and more dense texture than your standard fruit snack, and they don’t come in character shapes.

KIND Fruit Bites

The Pressed Bars are also not typical at all. We had the Banana Pineapple Kale Spinach bars, and like the bites, they are all natural and gluten-free. They are not thin and papery as other pressed fruit strips are –these are formed more like a snack bar. They are chewy and flavorful, and I personally thought it was just  a tropical fruit flavor – with no overpowering banana or pineapple flavors.  The coloring is obviously from the kale and spinach so if your picky eater (like one of mine) eats with their eyes it could be a harder sell. My four- and six-year-old could eat these all day long, they love them. They are the perfect snack for game days or when they little two are on spectator duty.  We keep a box in the car!

My oldest son, who is not a fan of nuts, was thrilled to have a bar option that isn’t filled with nuts. While the bars are nut-free, they are processed in a  facility that also process nuts — so allergy parents, read the label and use your own discretion. He likes having them in his bag for after soccer practice.

KIND Presseed Fruit Bars

We highly recommend you give the new KIND Fruit Bites and pressed bars a try as a healthy, on-the-go snack. KIND can be found online and at major grocery retailers.

KIND Snacks
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Disclosure: KIND Snacks is a promotional partner and sent us product for our event as mentioned.  No other compensation was received and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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