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My oldest is heading off to Kindergarten tomorrow (SNIFF.)  He’s had a lot of anxiety these last couple weeks. Packing and unpacking his backpack and having me double-check his school supply list to make sure he has exactly what he is supposed to have.  Of his 101 worries about starting school, among them is losing his precious stuff.  Well don’t worry baby, mommy’s got you covered…

mabel's labels review

Mabel’s Labels has The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo, which has everything you need to label everything you’ve got for back to school!

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Kids lose stuff. ALL.THE.TIME. So we label their stuff. No sweat right Except the labels fall off or get ruined in the wash. So you break out the Sharpie, but ACK… it ruins the fabric and doesn’t work on your fancy stainless steel items. If you plan to pass an item on, the big black squiggle you use to cover over the previous owner isn’t exactly pretty.

mabel's labels
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Mabel’s Labels are different.  They are :

  • Waterproof
  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Laundry-safe

Of course, being a skeptic, I had to check out their claims for myself.  After all, I can pick up a label anywhere, but labels that will survive my dishwasher and washing machine are something special.

mabel's labels review
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Sure enough, the labels survived not only the dishwasher, washing machine, and clothes dryer, but the shoe labels even withstood a hot sweaty day on the playground.

mabel's labels review
L. Thomas | | 2014   photo altered to remove first name

While I appreciated the durability, my son was all about the style. When I placed my order he sat beside me at the keyboard and picked out the color scheme he liked and even an avatar (he picked a spider.)  For a child nervous about school, being able to involve him in the personalization process of his school supplies gave him a sense of ownership.  Labeling his things with his brand new spider labels even helped to ease his anxiety a little and get him excited for his big day.

The Ultimate Back to School Combo contains:

  • Skinny-Minis which are microwave and dishwasher safe and bet used for clean, dry, smooth surfaces like your child’s water bottle or pencil box
  • Tag Mates which are washer and dryer safe and can be applied to clothing care labels
  • Shoe Labels which can be placed inside your child’s gym shoes
  • Teeny Tags which are ring tags perfect for a key chain or attached to a backpack
 Mabel's Labels

Since a lot of supplies in kindergarten are shared, we have plenty of labels left over for 1st grade, for household items, and favorite toys we don’t want to lose on playdates.

Mabel’s Labels has a lot of labeling solutions for your whole family.  Melissa recently wrote about their Kid’s Safety Products which are perfect for children who suffer from food allergies.

Want to pick up an Ultimate Back-to-School Combo for your own child?

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Free Shipping at Mabel’s Labels on all US Orders!

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Little Reviews: Mabel\'s Labels Ultimate Back to School Combo
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