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Party planning can be a mom’s greatest joy or struggle; it really depends who you are. But ladies and gents, I have a solution. Royal Princess Parties fits the bill for the Pinterest-perfect mom or the one who just wants her kids to have a fantastic time without much prep.

Royal Princess PartiesMy greatest struggle every year in planning birthday parties is figuring out what to do with who we want to invite. Having 50 plus people in our house is very overwhelming, especially when 20 of them are under the age of 10 and include boys AND girls. This year we got to plan a party for our youngest daughter who turned one; there was no way we could host an indoor free-for-all play time in our basement with that many kids.  So … Royal Princess Parties to the rescue!

When I contacted Melissa, owner of Royal Princess Parties, I voiced my concerns about the age gap and having both genders attending the party to see if this was a good fit, since we wanted a princess! She assured me the kids would have a fantastic time and that, yes, even boys would get into this because of the games and energy the characters bring. A day after booking (and then changing my date), Melissa sent me a confirmation email to clearly state where and when Rapunzel would be arriving for our daughter Anniston’s birthday.

What makes Royal Princess Parties so amazing is that it has every character you can think of: super heroes, mascot characters (think minions from Despicable Me, Olaf from Frozen), holiday characters, pirates, princes and even storybook characters to please any crowd.

Royal Princess Parties | 2015
Photo provided by Royal Princess Parties 2015

The night before our party, Rapunzel called me to get specific directions, explain how a typical party runs, ask if I had any special requests and plan out how to honor such a young birthday guest.  I knew she would show up and not cancel on me because my princess called to confirm.

Rapunzel came to our house after the enormous Snovember of 2015; she was in character from the second she left her car (don’t worry, she parks a block away to not steal the magic) and wore an adorable winter cape. As soon as she entered the house, she took her shoes off because Rapunzel is always barefoot!

Royal Princess Parties 2015
Photo provided by Royal Princess Parties 2015

Royal Princess Parties often runs specials, and when I booked for this review, the special included the following: invite one princess and another character will come along! We naturally asked Eugene (Flynn Ryder) to attend with Rapunzel so we could be as well rounded as possible for our crazy crew!

Royal Princess Parties 2015
Photos provided by Royal Princess Parties 2015

To begin the party, Rapunzel and Eugene met each child and asked them a few questions. We were so pleased with how well they were committed to their roles.  Throughout the party we’d hear, “Oh, Cinderella is one of my best friends! We go shoe shopping all of the time because she is always losing her shoes. Imagine that? We’re trying to talk her into shoes with straps.” They were funny, sweet and endearing.

One of the main goals of Royal Princess Parties is to make every child at the party feel special. It was a treat to see the kids light up when Rapunzel or Flynn would talk to or dance with them. They, of course, aim to honor the birthday child; however in our case, the birthday girl was too little to play games but this was SUCH a fantastic event for the other kids invited to our party.

In the end, they still sang to our daughter, crowned her a princess and gave her a small gift upon leaving. Their whole interaction with her was tender, kind and it showed that they were aware of her hesitancy. In her place, they really attended to my five year old who was so star struck she couldn’t even smile until they left.

Royal Princess Parties 2015
Photos provided by Royal Princess Parties 2015

After Rapunzel and Flynn met each child and excitedly responded to them, they read a story where the kids were all able to answer questions and interact. This pulled in all of the hesitant children (even those older ones). Next, they played freeze dance to Tangled music and, of course, were silly when explaining the game, allowing the children to correct them and think Rapunzel was so silly. As a parent looking on, I chuckled often at how truly funny both Rapunzel and Flynn were.

Of greatest note, I respect these two characters so much. Often kids have a hard time following directions when they are in a large party setting. I was amazed watching these two work together to encourage kids to follow directions, not nag and pester for more attention and truly roll with the antics of little ones. Each character sang (although Flynn kept saying he didn’t sing well, we just said he was shy) which mesmerized the children.

They also played limbo which got the kids incredibly excited!  Nothing was competitive, all activities were inclusive, engaging and tiring to the attendees. When they made a mess, another game was started to clean it up.

Royal Princess Parties 2015
Photo provided by Royal Princess Parties 2015

At the end, there was time for each child to have his or her pictures taken with Rapunzel and Flynn (and Pascal!). The kids loved this part. It was what they were really waiting for and gave the perfect ending. At this point of the party all of the moms stood around discussing how great it was to bring the Disney experience home- where we knew our kids would all get ample attention for a fraction of the price of an actual trip.

Also what a fantastic trial for the big park trip to see how your kids will react to the characters!  My kids were so star-struck I think I’d be irritated if we had spent thousands of dollars to go on a vacation and have my kids hide behind my clothes. This was more than I could have expected as my children got a full hour of a princess’ time and attention. I think they think they’re best friends now.

Royal Princess Parties 2015
Photo provided by Royal Princess Parties 2015

And so why do I say this is just right for the Pinterest-perfect mom or the go-with-the-flow gal? Because Royal Princess Parties is enough without decorations, balloons and any of the extras. But if you want to do that, the characters will only enhance the experience for the guests.

These princes and princesses are professionals, engaging and believable. Your guests will be dazzled by their performance, and you don’t have to do a thing. Having Royal Princess Parties entertain the guests at my daughter’s first birthday was more than I could have hoped for. Pass out cupcakes at the end, sing Happy Birthday and done!  What a fantastic treat!

Royal Princess Parties has many different packages to meet your family (or even company’s) needs. The characters are quality charmers who will make your event unforgettable.

 Royal Princess Parties
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Disclosure: The writer of this post received a complimentary party experience in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are her own.

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