Little Reviews: The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day

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Sometimes as an adult getting through the day is hard. Stress with work, anxiety over money, pressure to do, go be. Thankfully after 40 some years on the planet I have developed the tools and mechanisms that I need to mostly get through the day. Your kids have those same feelings. Stress. Anxiety. Pressure. However lacking the skills and tools they need to express those and deal with those they can often leave parents wondering “what the %&^*& was that” regarding their child’s behavior.  Local(ish) mom Dayna Abraham, founder of Lemon Lime Adventures, saw that too and set out to help kids and parents realize how super their kids are and how to express and handle those emotions and trials.

superkids acticvity guide

The Super Kids Activity Guide takes Dayna’s 20 years of experience as a parent and teacher to misunderstood kids and gives parent and kids the tools they need to be their best selves.  Her extensive knowledge and experience in child development, sensory processing, neurosciences, parenting, and teaching as well her love of empowering children are all poured into this gorgeous books.  The book is written to kids, for kids, so that they can become their own problem solvers. It’s really amazing and is going to change lives.

My own daughter who is feeling anxious about the start of a new school year, in a new class was drawn to this book like a moth to a flame. She sat down, poured over it and said “Mom, I think I need to do this

super kids activity guide
The books glossy, lay flat colorful pages and beautiful photography draw you in and you can’t help but start flipping through. Each of the 75 activities feature both instructions on how to make the project, a challenge to help them with the tool and how to use the tool. It also contains tips on how to “train your adult” which give kids the tools to explain to their parents what the project is and how they are using it. Each activity is also ranked for:

  • Superpowers: what feelings and needs it helps – i.e. communication, emotional regulation, self-calming, self-awareness
  • Sensory Systems: such as touch, body awareness
  • Energy Scale

All these are explained in the beginning “How to Use this Book” Section.

The Activities itself are broken down into sections that are easy for kids to understand and find the activities they need at that moment:

  • Rockin’ Morning Routine
  • Magical Mealtime Solutions
  • Whizz-Bang Waiting Hacks
  • Stellar Learning Secrets
  • Incredible Play Ideas
  • Maxin’ and Relaxin’ Nightime Rituals

This book is something everyone who works with children or has children should have. Set out on tables in classrooms and waiting rooms, I guarantee you children will gravitate to it and find something they can use, weather they have special needs or just typical growing up anxiety and stress.

superkids activity guide

The SuperKids Activity Guide is available now on Amazon as well as other online retailers and Bookstores. Get a copy for yourself, your kid, to place in a classroom or waiting room. This book is going to change kids lives and the way you parent.

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