Little Reviews: Swingy–Active Screen Time for Everyone!

Kids love video games, it’s just a fact. As parents, we try to limit the screen time and make sure the games are educational, but let’s face the facts:  We live in the Midwest and the days that are crummy outnumber the days you can kick them outside and make them run around.

When I was sent the Kickstarter information about Swingy,  I was skeptical. Rarely do video games actually engage and make kids active in the ways that they promise. However, after watching their promo video, I was really intrigued. (You should watch it just for the adorable parents!)

Swingy sent me one to try out, and after having it in my home for a few weeks now,  I love it! and so do my kids.

First off, it’s gorgeous.

I am so over poorly designed plastic toys that break and bend and don’t work as promised. These handmade wooden balance boards are not only nice looking, they are sturdy. My two-year old has dropped them several times, and they are no worse for the wear.


The current game that is offered with it (more are coming soon) is ping-pong, only it’s played with your feet. It’s simple enough for my four-year-old to understand and do, and challenging enough that even adults can enjoy it! Each balance board wirelessly connects to your tablet or smart phone and controls a slider. You bounce the ball between the sliders, trying to get a high score.


It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially for adults who may not have great balance or posture.  The more times you bounce it, the harder it becomes, and additional objects are thrown in that make the ball or boards smaller or faster.

My kids are ages 2 through 10, all played it, but we did help the two-year-old.  It’s great for working on balance and coordination. I can see this being a great game in a preschool classroom. Our preschool has smart boards and if they could play this connected to the smart board…what a great way to make indoor recess work more large motor skills in a small space!

While it may not seem like it’s a very active game, especially when compared to some other sports video games, it really is! Swingy works on children’s balance, posture and coordination and helps strength their core muscles.

From Swingy:


Child’s play is an important source of physical activity and motor development, especially in the first years of life. And balance is the pillar beneath every motor skill we have. Children develop their vestibular system, also known as the balance system, up to the age of 15.


Helping children develop strong cores and posture will help them not just in sports and fitness pursuits, but in everyday life.

We are excited to see what other games come out. In the meantime, I’ll be over here stretching my calves in an attempt to beat my son’s high score!

Swingy is now in the midst of it’s Kickstarter campaign:


If you participate in the Kickstarter campaign now, you not only can get the Swingy for an incredible price, but you can also choose special designs! In addition to the two fun kid’s designs, they are also offering three modern designs.  Swingy is going to retail for about $140, but you can get one for yourself (or your school!) by backing them on Kickstarter for as little as $88!  The Kickstarter campaigns ends on November 26, so hurry, and you can put one of these beautiful creative toys under your Christmas tree!


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Disclosure: We received a Swingy prior to the Kickstarter launch in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.

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