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Setting up a baby registry is downright stressful. I found myself walking up and down the aisles of the baby section for hours once again last weekend. Armed with a registry scanner, I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what to scan. How could we tell what was the best product among the myriad of strollers, high chairs, and bottles? Even though I had a baby five years ago, I am suddenly a complete newbie again as to which products are good ones, and what is really necessary?  I just wish knew what babies really like and what products work for real moms. But then I was introduced to The Baby Cubby, whose motto is “The Best of Everything Baby,” and life began to change for the better. Read on to find out why, and learn about my top ten favorite baby registry picks from The Baby Cubby.

The Baby Cubby is the Holy Grail of online baby stores for anyone that has ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of purchasing baby gear (which is how I am definitely feeling right now). What sets The Baby Cubby apart from other online retailers or even baby stores is that they strive to be more than just another baby website. The entire team at The Baby Cubby are real parents who have spent hundreds of hours testing the products out themselves. For example, they put their own kids in the strollers on the website and test them out on their stroller track to see which ones work the best. This is so nice because I feel like I can trust their recommendations as if I have a good friend giving me advice, and I know that I am buying only the highest quality products without having to sort through hundreds of reviews.

Normally, the words “safest” and “highest quality”mean expensive (i.e., way out of my price range). However, that is not the case with The Baby Cubby. The Baby Cubby price-matches every day to every store. (Yes, even to Amazon’s amazing deals.) So you know you are always getting a great deal on your baby gear. The Baby Cubby also offers free shipping nationwide on orders of $49 or more. This is very convenient for my relatives who live all over the country and can’t make it to my baby shower, but still want to send gifts. I also do most of my shopping online, because it is so much easier than shopping in store with my big belly and my rambunctious preschooler.

And if browsing The Baby Cubby for baby products wasn’t my newest baby-related obsession, I am also spending time on their social media sites and The Baby Cubby Cubby Community Blog to discuss some of the difficult topics of parenting. This is a nice refresher for me to learn all about the latest trends in newborn sleep, diaper rash treatments, pumping, fussy newborns, and so much more.

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My Experience Shopping with The Baby Cubby

I have been simply drooling over the vast selection of baby products on The Baby Cubby website since hearing about them, wanting to buy it all.  I was recently was given a gift card to The Baby Cubby allowing me to shop my heart out for something for my newest little one.

When I learned about The Baby Cubby’s awesome price match policy I was thrilled. I have had my eye on the Ergobaby 360 carrier for a few months now, yet I have not been able pull the trigger on buying it because it is so expensive! When I saw online that another website had it for $30 cheaper than normal, I decided that it was my chance to get it.  I dialed up The Baby Cubby and my call was immediately answered; I didn’t have to wait on hold at all. The product girl was price matched with no questions asked, even though the website that was price matching with wasn’t very well known.  This is a big plus to me as many other big retailers will only price match to select stores.  The customer service represntative walked me through the whole transaction, and then told me that my item would be shipped out the same day, which to me is impressive for a smaller company.

While I did not receive any tracking number or shipping information, I did receive a package from Fed Ex only three days later with my beautiful Ergo in it. Despite a small problem with the shipping label not printing my name correctly, the item reached me quickly and I am very happy with the product. I will definitely keep The Baby Cubby in mind for future baby-related purchases that I need to make.

Photo Source: The Baby Cubby Website

Since completing my registry, I have discovered (at least) ten products that I am absolutely craving for my 2017 baby.  Many of these products are brands that I have known, but others are from brands that I have just discovered and fallen head over heels with since browsing The Baby Cubby’s online store.

Tracy’s Top 10 Baby Registry Must-Haves 

  1.  Infant Car Seat | My Personal Pick:  Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Seat
    This is the absolute, must-have item on your registry. Unfortunately for me, my last car seat was over five years old and had expired. This pregnancy, I have been eyeballing the Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 infant seat.  I love it because it is advertised as one of the lightest car seats on the market. It also has a machine washable cover, which you will be so grateful for after a messy diaper blowout. The Baby Cubby also features many other mom-favorite car seat options for you to choose from including Britax, Clek, 4 Moms, and Chicco.

    Photo Source: The Baby Cubby website


  2. Diaper Bag | My Personal Pick: Ju Ju Be B.F.F
    I purchased a super-ugly clearance bag when I had my son, so this this time I want to treat myself to a really nice bag that I love, and that will hold up for two-plus years until it’s time to potty-train.  The Baby Cubby has five pages of swoon-worthy diaper bags on their website. It is seriously so hard to pick just one. This diaper bag is great because it can be worn as a backpack, has tons of storage compartments, is machine washable, and has a crumb drain at the bottom of the bag for messy moms like me.  This bag will literally be my B.F.F. until my baby is potty-trained.
  3. Baby Carrier | My Personal Pick: Ergo 360
    Every mom needs a carrier! Several of my mom friends have the Ergo 360 and rave about it and how often they use it to have free hands when all the baby wants to do is to be held. The Ergo 360 also allows you to carry your baby in several different positions to find one that you and your baby like best. I am drawn to the “cool” version of this carrier that has breathable mesh. I think that will be perfect for hot summer days at the parks here in Lake County. Not an Ergo fan? The Baby Cubby has tons of other options, and I may even try out a wrap with this baby.
  4. Baby Monitor | My Personal Pick: Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor
    Having a new baby is stressful enough without having to worry about them while you sleep. One company has found a way to help parents out and give them more shut eye time without fear. The Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor is a relatively new product that monitors your baby’s oxygen and heart rate to help prevent SIDS using only a cute little baby sock that you slip over your infant’s foot, The device syncs up to an app on your phone and alerts you if your baby’s vitals ever become thrown-off. This is a must-have product for both rookie and veteran moms alike.
  5.   Muslin Blankets | My Personal Pick: Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin 3-Pack
    You seriously can never have too many swaddle blankets for baby.  You use them for so many things–swaddling, nursing covers, car seat covers, and burp cloths. These are even lightweight enough to use as a blanket in the summer months when it gets chilly on walks at night.  I saw these blankets by Little Unicorn and just about died. They have the most fun looking prints I have ever seen on a muslin blanket. I just might order myself a pack–or three.
  6.  Swing/Bouncer | My Personal Pick: 4Moms MamaRoo
    Whenever someone ask me what the one thing was that saved my life in the early newborn days with no sleep, I always tell them a swing and a bouncer seat. However, this time around we are kind of pressed for space.  I simply don’t have the room for two big chunky baby items, so I was impressed wtih the 4Moms Mamaroo that bounces, swings, and vibrates. The best part? It has a cool feature that you can sync it to your phone and control it all from an app. This would be perfect for when you are busy around the house or if you have multiple kids.
  7. Baby Bathtub | My Personal Pick: Puj Tub
    When I had my son, everyone told me over and over again that I would never need a baby bathtub.  I ended up getting one at my shower and it was one of my most used baby products when my son was a newborn.  I absolutely recommend some sort of a tub for all new moms.  This pregnancy I heard about the Puj bathtubs from The Baby Cubby’s website , which is basically a piece of soft foam that fits in ANY sink to cradle your baby.  When you are done with it, you can store it away under the sink or hang it up on a door. This would also be great to be able to just throw in a diaper bag and take to Grandma’s house when she babysits as well.
  8. High Chair   | My Personal Pick: Boon Flair High Chair
    It is so exciting when babies first start to eat solid foods. I remember I couldn’t wait to feed my son peas and banana flavored baby food. However, it amazed me about how much food I was actually having to clean out of the crevices of the high chair.  It seemed like my high chair was always perpetually dirty. This go around I would rather have something very easy to clean. The Boon Flair high chair seems like a perfect fit to me–there are no cracks or crevices, and the tray is dishwasher safe. Plus I love the super modern look of it.
  9. Pacifiers | My Personal Pick: Wubbanub Pacifier Lovey
    My son was such a pacifier lover.They saved my sanity so many times. Except when they would fall out of his mouth at the worst possible times ( like while I am driving) . The Wubbanub is a total lifesaver in the fact that your child can never lose their pacifier because they can hold onto it themselves.  Plus you will never lose it in the abyss of your diaper bag because of the adorable stuffed friend that is attached to it. I have only seen it in a few different characters at stores by me, but The Baby Cubby has an entire page full of options.
  10. Bottle Drying Rack | My Personal Pick: Boon Lawn Counter Top Drying Rack
    When you think of a bottle drying rack you probably think of something plain and boring.  I had this ugly cheap plastic thing with my son that just made my kitchen look messy. Well, there is a new product now, and I absolutely love it. Boon has created a drying rack that looks like backyard lawn where you put your wet, clean bottles on the rack of grass for drying.  They have fun accessories like little trees and flowers to hold bottle nipples and rings as well. It actually makes me sort of excited about sterilizing bottles.

Now that I have shared my baby registry must-haves, what products are you hoping to receive for your newest love?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Baby Cubby, and the writer received a promotional gift card to facilitate this post.  All thoughts and opinions are her own and no further compensation was received.


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