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If you search near and far for tasty, nut-free cookies, snacks, mixes, and meals, you’ll be delighted to learn about The Safe + Fair Food Company and its line of products. This Chicago-based company produces far more than your average packaged goods. Not only are these items manufactured in a peanut-free and tree nut-free facility, they are baked with non-GMO ingredients, whole grains, and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and no high-fructose corn syrup. But best of all, they taste delicious and are reasonably priced.

Safe + Fair Food Company
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Ass the mom of a child who is allergic to nuts, I am scrupulous about what I serve. Snacks not only need to be free of nuts, but also manufactured in a nut-free facility. I want to stock my pantry with items that everyone can eat, and I strive to purchase packaged goods made with clean, healthy ingredients. I was pleased to see the variety of items offered by The Safe + Fair Food Company. This company is solidly committed to producing products that are completely safe for people with nut allergies at fair prices. And the company also contributes funds to support cutting-edge research for food allergies and asthma. My goody box was filled with these great items:

  • Abby’s Chocolate Chip Cookies,
  • Abby’s Shortbread Cookies,
  • Gavin’s Cinnamon Granola,
  • Remy’s Cinnamon Grahams,
  • Remy’s Honey Grahams, and
  • Vanilla Cake Mix.

The Safe + Fair Food Company also produces a nut-free Mac & Cheese mix, which is sold in a 2.5-serving package. And it’s made with real, wholesome ingredients!

Safe + Fair Food Company
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The bite-sized cookies were the first to succumb to the resident hungry teens. Abby’s Chocolate Chip Cookies were crisp, sweet and satisfying, and immediately whisked out of my hand by an eager teen who promptly finished them. I relished the tender and buttery Abby’s Shortbread Cookies that could have easily passed as bakery-made. Both cookies received an affirmative “more, please,” from my taste testing panel.

Safe + Fair Food Company
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Remy’s Honey Grahams are perfectly sweet and crisp mini-graham cracker sticks. Remy’s Cinnamon Grahams live up to a flavorful promise, with a pleasant sweet cinnamon flavor throughout. These healthy, honey graham crackers taste wonderful on their own, but would also be delicious in one of my family’s favorites, a s’mores snack mix, with the simple addition of chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Safe + Fair Food Company
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Gavin’s Cinnamon Granola is the standout product of the snacks, in my mind. I was finally able to create a fruit and yogurt parfait that was safe for my nut-allergic child, and the rest of the family to eat. This granola is perfect as a standalone snack right out of the bag, but combined with fruit and yogurt, it adds a wonderful crunchy burst of flavor and texture. Granola is always one of those foods my child wistfully looks at in the aisles of the grocery store knowing that it is almost certain to be off-limits for someone with a nut allergy.

Safe + Fair Food Company
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And then I baked a cake using The Safe + Fair Company’s Vanilla Cake Mix. I enjoy baking, which is a good thing, because finding a completely nut-free bakery is nearly impossible. This packaged mix requires only water, oil, and eggs. Baking is so easy using this mix, and the results are amazing with minimal preparation.

Safe + Fair Food Company
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The Vanilla Cake Mix produced a moist, rich, and buttery-tasting cake. And like many mothers of food allergic kids, I attempted to make something trendy that my family can’t safely purchase and eat from a bakery due to concerns about nut cross-contamination: a decadent mini bundt cake. And let me tell you, this home-baked cake from a package indeed rivals those sold commercially. I had enough mix left over after filling my four-serving, mini bundt pan to also bake a half dozen cupcakes. And the results were the same: moist, rich, and flavorful vanilla cupcakes that disappeared (mostly) before I even had the chance to frost them.

Safe + Fair Food Company
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There are so many things I like about The Safe + Fair Food Company’s products:

  • They taste delicious.
  • Snacks are packaged in plentiful, individual portion sizes.
  • The individual snack packaging is attractive and easy to open. (Lunchroom monitors will thank you!)
  • Flavors, like honey, cinnamon, and vanilla are plentiful, but not overpowering or harsh.
  • The products are reasonably priced.
  • Shipping is straight from the company to your door, eliminating any “middleman” product mark-up that can easily raise the price of allergen-safe foods.
  • Three percent of The Safe + Fair Food Company’s proceeds are donated to the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University.

My family enjoyed all of the snacks and treats from The Safe + Fair Food Company. This company is proving that health-minded, nut-free foods can be manufactured at fair prices for consumers. I would love to see the snack foods available at all local schools, student stores, churches, and sporting concession booths. The cookies, grahams, and granola are great to have on hand for playdates, school classroom parties, holiday celebrations, and events.

Stock up on tasty treats, mixes, and meals from The Safe + Fair Food Company, and you will always have nut-free, healthy and cost-conscious food options available for your loved ones with peanut and tree nut allergies.

The Safe + Fair Food Company
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Editor’s note: Abby’s Cookies, Remy’s Grahams, and the Vanilla Cake Mix are available on Amazon.

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