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A few weeks ago while we set out for a little road trip from Chicago to Indianapolis, my husband put together a new playlist for us to listen to in the car. Usually our taste in music differs quite a lot, but he had a few songs on there that I was really enjoying. Finally I asked him about one of them as I liked it that much and wanted to get it for my own iTunes. I was surprised when he told me it was The Legend of Zelda! It certainly did not sound like typical video game music to me, but more like an exhilarating movie soundtrack.

Video Game Music For Kids

 As it turns out, those 3 songs on his playlist that I was so intrigued with were all from “The Greatest Video Game Music” album by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. When I was offered the chance to review their new album “Video Game Music For Kids” I jumped on it!

First I must say this, you may think this album is meant only for kids, as per the title. But let me assure you that this album is for everyone, it is not little-kiddie music by any means. Along the lines of their 1st album “The Greatest Video Game Music”, this new album follows right along with that. The songs are fantastic and not only did I enjoy them, my husband – who is a video game fanatic – loved all of them, and our toddler also enjoyed listening to them. Win-win for our family!

As a child of the 80’s I grew up in the video game era, and I spent far too much time with Mario and Luigi. It was fun listening to the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s rendition of Super Mario Brothers. They really did an excellent job of capturing the original game music but changing it up with a modern fresh take. As they did for all the songs on the album including music from Angry Birds, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more! Oh and even Tetris – I can’t tell you how many hours I spent playing that game!

Whether you are a video game fan or not, I think you will really enjoy this album, it’s really one of those that has something for everyone.

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