Little Reviews: Yvolution- Scooters and Gliders for the Whole Family

Yvolution was the official Play partner of our 5th Annual Playground Tour.

Scooters were not all the rage when I was a kid, in fact, they were pretty dorky with huge wheels and I think they were generally embarrassing hand-me-downs.  But today, you see kids flying down sidewalks, park pathways, and the roads on a variety of scooters.  This year, our Official Playground Tour Play Sponsor was Yvolution and they’ll change everything you think you know about scooters.

Yvolution Scooters
Photo Credit: Caryn Anne Photography & Film

I’ve tried many different brands of scooters around our neighborhood and all I can say is- save yourself and your ankle bones. Ouch.  Yes, seriously, you.  I may or may not ride our Yvolution Fliker Lift L3 scooter as much as my kids.

Yvolution products are well made, easy to assemble, and come with everything you need (but a helmet) to get out and ride.  Also, in trying to be greener, I was pleased with the compact packaging for such a substantial (collapsible) product.  Yvolution provided us with samples of gliders and Fliker scooters, but to be transparent, I purchased two Fliker scooters for my family before we made this partnership.  I am completely and totally in love with them.

yvolution flikr scooter
A mom trying out the scooter at one of our events. Also wear a helmet when riding, and please babywear safely.

For starters, Yvolution has created a fantastic three wheeled glider for even the youngest of toddlers to get on their way.  These stable, lightweight, wide based, and easy to stop scooters are a fantastic first step for kids of all ages (manufacturer recommended up to age 8).  They are designed to grow with your child vertically as well as offering three different stages of steering.  The quick release handlebar makes it easy to raise or lower for siblings to take turns, too.  Many models fold down with the click of a button and a twisting motion (this takes some practice).  At our playground tour, the youngest kids were seen toddling around figuring out how to use a glider very quickly.  These are a perfect first step!  My three-year-old mastered this glider and now tools around with ease, it is her favorite toy to grab when we head outside.

Yvolution Scooters
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My favorite Yvolution product is the Fliker model.  Another three wheeled scooter- but completely different than anything you’ve tried.  You won’t be using your foot to gain speed, but rather a side-to-side, almost skiing motion that will rock this scooter into high gear.  With a handbrake and the opportunity to do wheelies and tricks with a fully rotational handlebar, these offer hours of fun.

Our first experience with Flikers was out on a family vacation when a ‘big’ cousin brought his out of the trunk, he easily and quickly put it together and was off within minutes of getting it out.  Everyone wanted a turn from the four-year-old to the forty somethings.  We had never seen anything like it, felt anything quite the same, or taken so quickly to a scooter.  It was apparent within minutes of my kids taking turns, we had to have these.

yvolution scooters
Photo Credit Caryn Anne Photography & Film

As Christmas gifts this year, my kids have taken them out on rides again and again.  And because we have a small house with a tiny garage, the ease of folding for storage is ideal.  My six and eight-year-old can easily put together and take down their scooters independently.  The Flikers are like magnets to the neighbor kids as everyone wants to know more and try them out.  I’ve loved helping kids ages five to fifteen learn how to use the Fliker, and have continuously been surprised at how quickly younger riders seem to catch on! We love that our models can not only drift but also complete 360s since we don’t have a large driveway for riding.  All you need is a smooth paved surface and you can zip along.

With weight limits ranging from 105 – 220 lbs, I’ve hopped on quite a few of these for trips around the block and get a great workout, but it is so fun I barely notice- until the next day when I realize how much I used my legs and core!  It is easy for me to ride the Fliker Lift L3 alongside my kids on their bikes when we go around the block and I enjoy it so much more than riding my bike. What I love most is that all of my kids can ride this Fliker, even those that may be listed as too young.  It is manageable, fun, and such a unique experience.

Here’s a look at all the scooters in action:

I cannot urge you enough to grab one of these as a gift this year.  You can find them in the Yvolution Shop, Amazon, and other locations where bikes and scooters are sold.

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Did you get to try out the scooters with us this summer? Which was your favorite?

Disclosure: Yvolution was the official play sponsor for our 5th annual playground tour. They provided us with scooters to test out at our playdates and give away to readers, writers got to keep the scooters in exchange for their time and this review. All thoughts and opinions belong to the writer. Some links provided are affiliate links. A small percentage of purchases made through those links are earned and used to cover the expense of running the site. Thank you for clicking!

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