LLC Gives Back: Meet The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation

LLC Gives back is proudly supported by Great Lakes Credit Union.

The Little Lake County Gives Back program is a community outreach effort to connect not-for-profit organizations with our readers. This quarter’s partner is The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation.

Little Lake County Gives Back

Giving back has always been something that is important to me.  Every step of my life I’ve found a way to give back, so when I met Sedrik Newbern a few months ago, I knew he was in my tribe of givers.  I was only mildly surprised when he told me that he and his wife had started a foundation. Sedrik is a family-oriented man who loves to help others in any way he can. It truly is my pleasure to introduce you to The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation.

the precious gift of hope foundation, inc.

Sedrik is no stranger to the generosity of others. As a child, he witnessed his own mother volunteer with nonprofits that benefited teen mothers and senior centers, which contributed to his own desire to give. Once he became an adult, he was ready to give back, and give back he does. Newbern and his wife Denise started The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation with the ambition to help women go to college from start to finish.

If a young person knows they have funding locked in for the duration of their education, they can focus on their studies instead of trying to find ways to raise the funds.

He also told me that he had seen young adults get funding to begin college, but after the first year felt forced to return home to earn money to continue their college career, only to never return.

The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation
Photo courtesy of Sedrik Newbern

Before Sedrik started Precious Gift of Hope Foundation, he served on the boards of other charities. For some people, giving back is rewarded by helping where they can, but Sedrik and his wife saw a void when it came to the remaining years of college. According to Sedrik,

The completion of a college education [for young adults] is directly related to their ongoing funding support.

Sedrik and Denise partnered with another non-profit to increase their funding base, which the Newberns hope will allow several young women to pursue college degrees.

Precious Gift of Hope Foundation was started about four years ago, and one of its first benefactors was a teen mom who wanted to start college but couldn’t afford it. The foundation worked with the mother, and she received money for tuition and diapers. Sedrik is proud to say that The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation just renewed her scholarship for a second year, and her goal is to complete her college degree in the next two years.

Photo courtesy of Sedrik Newbern

Hosting fundraisers for the foundation is one of  Sedrik’s favorite things to do with his time. The fundraising events are family-oriented, and Sedrik specifically encourages fathers and sons to attend golf outings, sports tournaments, and challenges together. Sedrik seeks to engage the whole family, as opposed to holding events that keep kids at home. Family involvement, in Sedrik’s opinion, is almost as important as the money raised.

Photo courtesy of Sedrik Newbern

Are you interested in attending an upcoming fundraising event for The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation?  The next one is Friday, September 22 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Libertyville Sports Complex. This year, participants will  have a kickball contest and other games for parents and kids to enjoy.Registration is $10 per person. Help support an organization that is serving as a catalyst for change in the lives of others, and have fun with others while doing it.

the precious gift of hope foundation, inc.

The Precious Gift of Hope Foundation
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 Great Lakes Credit Union is headquartered right here in Lake County. Their employees and management are your friends, family and neighbors, so they have a vested interest in helping our community thrive. That’s why they partnered with Little Lake Count to launch our Kirby Kids: Kids.Doing.Good program. It’s also why they are our 2017 sponsor of the Little Lake County Gives Back program.

Our 2017 Gives Back program will put the spotlight on three, local Lake County charities serving mothers, families and children in our area throughout the year. We’ll also partner with Great Lakes Credit Union on fundraising and awareness events as well as exciting service projects for the entire family. Great Lakes Credit Union understands that when you invest in your community, everyone reaps dividends.






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