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Lake Zurich, IL

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Today we’re going to Knight Music Academy. Knight Music Academy is a community music school offering private music instruction. Knight also boasts a music boutique that stocks a dynamic assortment of classical guitars, sheet music, and accessories.

Knight Music Academy Lake Zurich, Music Boutique

Knight Music Academy, Lake Zurich

Taking music lessons is more than just involving your child in an activity or giving them a hobby to pursue. Playing an instrument can help develop hand-eye coordination, encourage creativity, and enhance math skills. There has recently been research from Northwestern University concluding that “regular music-making strengthens non-musical brain functions, such as memory, attention, language skills and reading skills.”

Learning how to play an instrument sparks a passion for children to pursue for the rest of their lives. What started as childhood violin lessons for me, in fact, provided the opportunity to travel around the United States and Europe performing with a college ensemble. Regardless of how far music takes you, having a foundation and appreciation for the musical arts is something that you and your child will always value.

Knight Music Academy Lake Zurich, Music Boutique
Photo provided by Knight Music Academy

At Knight Music Academy in Lake Zurich, instructors cultivate some of these same values in your child. Through their wide and diverse learning opportunities, anyone can find something that fits their musical interests! Professional musicians, most with a master’s degree, have a wealth of experience with both kids and adults. Whether you are looking for Suzuki, traditional, individual, or group lessons, there is a wide variety to choose from. Starting as young as age one, students are able to start pursuing music education.

Owner Laura Knight said, “Mini-Mozarts, our early childhood class, is appropriate for children ages one through four. We offer classes on-site, as well as off-site. For example, we have been offering classes for a mom’s group at St. Peter’s church in Volo for the last two years and have just started our third year! In the past, schools have also contracted us to offer music in their schools.”

What sets Knight Music Academy apart is its ability to offer classes to students of all ages — toddlers through adults, and all levels — beginner to advanced. Although most instrument instruction begins at age five, if parents are interested in enrolling a younger child in lessons, they can take advantage of a free trial lesson and assessment with an instructor. Also unique to this academy is the opportunity for students to perform in a group setting- furthering their musical ability as well as a sense of teamwork and cooperation. The academy offers a minimum of three performance opportunities per school year for its students. Knight Music Academy also offers classes and other enrichment opportunities others do not including an annual guitar workshop, a youth guitar ensemble, an adult flute, and guitar ensemble, and a group voice class. Not only do group classes challenge students musically, but they also develop a unique sense of accomplishment when musicians have the opportunity to create a beautiful work of art together.

Knight Music Academy Lake Zurich, Music Boutique
Photo provided by Knight Academy

More than anything, the teachers at Knights Music Academy desire to foster a life-long love of music in their students. What could be a more perfect holiday gift for the child in your life than a new opportunity? Knight Music Academy offers gift certificates for classes in any denomination.

Knight Music Academy Lake Zurich, Music Boutique

Knight Music Academy
579 N. Rand Rd, Lake Zurich | (847) 726-8742
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By Jessica G.
Spring Grove

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