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Lake Barrington, IL

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Today we are meeting Tattered Tiques. Tattered Tiques is a family-run business consisting of a mom and her two daughters. What started over 19 years ago at Iowa Farm auctions has turned into a 7-year brick and mortar store with a passion for antiques, vintage, painting, and more!

Tattered Tiques, Lake Barrington

Within minutes of entering Tattered Tiques in Lake Barrington, I had checked off five names from my Christmas list and added ideas to a list I will send to my husband. This store has it all for just about anyone!

Whether you’re looking to redecorate a bedroom, fill a stocking, or find that perfect item to finish out a space, you must check out Tattered Tiques in Lake Barrington!

Tattered Tiques Lake Barrington
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Every inch of this boutique is layered with charm, sophistication, and beauty. The owners’ passion (a mom and duo-sister team- Julie and Anne, including assistance from their aunt and cousin) shows in every space of antiqued masterpieces. They have created a cohesive team devoted to each element their boutique boasts.

Tattered Tiques stands out as the boutique to shop at because of its authentic pieces, refinished antiques, handmade jewelry, and highly sought-after Annie Sloan chalk paint. Find your flea market wonders in a clean, refreshing boutique instead of hunting yourself. The ladies of this shop search across the Midwest to bring the most unique, vintage farm industrial pieces to Lake County every month.

Tattered Tiques Lake Barrington
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Although I wouldn’t bring my kids to the shop (a stroller isn’t easily maneuvered in the space because of all the incredible finds), I would bring my best friends and make an afternoon out of it. I can picture us ladies finding that ‘just right’ item to finish off a few spaces we’ve been talking about decorating for years or that special gift for our mothers-in-law or other people who always prove to be most challenging to shop for (we want to impress them!).  The antique rhinestone pins stand out as the perfect, classic accessory to top a bow or for purses, coats, and hats in stockings this year. Julie and Anne are intentional about keeping the Facebook page updated with pictures and special offers allowing you to plan the perfect time to shop for your gifts this year! They also update while they’re out seeking new pieces; it is so fun to follow!

Tattered Tiques Lake Barrington
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The relaxed feel of the store allows you to peruse at your own pace, touch and move around items to make a scene that would fit in your own home perfectly, and chat freely with other shoppers and staff to select what will work just right for you. Tattered Tiques own line of Vintage Girl incredibly soft and on-trend shirts, jewelry, and totes also make fantastic gifts for any self-proclaimed ‘vintage girls’ in your life!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is one of the biggest draws for many clients, as only a few select boutiques carry the line. If you are like me, you’ve purchased at least ten items to DIY, and then you get scared, and it just sits in its ugly oak glory (sorry, I’m just not into oak). NOT ANYMORE, MY FRIENDS!

If you need motivation, instructions (in person), and materials, you absolutely must chat with the ladies at Tattered Tiques! Not only does the store have every color option painted on samples of crown molding finished with clear or dark wax to show you a true end product color before you buy, but the ladies also will teach you how to use the products right then and there. If you need more guidance, practice, and confidence, they offer classes monthly.  Check the website to sign up for the next class, where you can learn the basics of chalk paint on your own project to bring home. I left the store with paint and wax, arrived home, and finished an entire dresser that day! It is amazing how Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can transform the most worn pieces; I may have just found my secret weapon for Christmas gifts this year!

Tattered Tiques Lake Barrington
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If you’re excited about DIYing some gifts this year, don’t forget to ask about General Finishes gel stain. The ladies have used it in the shop, and if you’re like my mom, who doesn’t believe in painting antiques, THIS is the product you’ve been looking for!  Minimal prep, refreshed stain, gorgeous finish?  SOLD.

Just last week, Tattered Tiques joined with the nine other Pepper Road & Friends businesses to shop for holiday treasures of every kind. The shop kicked off the holiday season by opening a night early to give its customers a sneak peek and the first chance to begin their holiday shopping season. I can’t wait to go back and see how they transformed the shop into a warehouse wonderland filled with Christmas trees, ornaments, tags, banners, wreaths, and everything seasonal.

Tattered Tiques Lake Barrington
Photo provided by Tattered Tiques

I always knew I loved vintage items, and I always knew I wanted to incorporate more shabby chic decor into my home. The truth is, I didn’t realize HOW until I visited Tattered Tiques. Now, I may have too many ideas!

I didn’t know that a thermos could make a statement, and I would never have stacked narrow drawers and filled them with tea. I didn’t think that a pickle jar could hold blooms with pheasant feathers adding height and texture. I would have never thought to layer baskets, frames, pitchers, and doorknobs to set a scene. I didn’t realize that so much of this store made me feel at home. The wool blankets and bottles reminded me of my grandmother’s house, the crates, clocks, and furniture of my grandfather; the smells brought back so many memories and love towards the people I cherish most.

Tattered Tiques Lake Barrington
Image from Tattered Tiques on Facebook

Take the time this Christmas season, before it gets too busy, to shop Tattered Tiques. Be inspired, try something new, and check some names off of your list this year while supporting some local gals who opened a boutique by using their hobby and talents to create a gorgeous space. Be sure to stop by year-round as the store changes on a monthly basis; you won’t be disappointed.

Tattered Tiques
22029 Pepper Road, Unit 2, Lake Barrington
(224) 633-9750 | Facebook

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Local Shop Profile: Tattered Tiques
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