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Welcome to Locally Grown! Locally Grown introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. This month’s featured business is Libertyville Dental Associates, and Dr. Sam Weisz.

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There is nothing I look forward to more than taking my children to the dentist… said no mother ever. Typically just the thought of going to the dentist brings images to mind of anxious children, stressed out moms, and someone taking deep breaths into a paper bag (usually me). But, I have to ask myself, where does all this fear come from? How do kids ‘know’ to be afraid?

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These are the images of the dentist that Dr. Sam Weisz of Libertyville Dental Associates is on a mission to change. He and his staff are on a crusade to transform the stigma of the big, bad, scary dentist… and it starts with US, the parents. They believe that the tone of your child’s dental visit actually begins at home. Dr. Sam cautions parents to avoid saying, “It’s not going to be scary,” because then they are already thinking, “WHAT? SCARY?” Instead tell them it’s going to be exciting, like going to the park, and use words like “fun”, “easy”, and “TV.. TV? Yes! As my daughter delightfully found out at her first check up at Libertyville Dental Associates, each dentist chair comes equipped with its own TV (which was cleverly tuned to the Sprouts channel before she even walked in).

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The kid-friendly verbiage continues once your little one hops in the fun seat! The hygienist uses kiddo friendly words such as “polished” and “vitamins” that definitely helps them to feel relaxed. During their appointment, all of the staff talk a lot about sugar bugs, which are the remnants of sugar left on your teeth that dig little holes into your enamel. The hygienist “paints” each patient’s teeth with special pink paint to show where the sugar bugs are. Then the kids to get watch as their sugar bugs are scrubbed away. Kids get to take home “paint” of their own in the form of chewable disclosing tablets so that they can search and destroy their own sugar bugs.  Dr. Sam and his wife Erica have even written a book about sugar bugs, which every new patient receives a copy of to take home.

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The primary goal of this child-friendly experience is that children will think of the dentist and tooth brushing as normal and pleasant, and will continue a healthy dental routine up through adulthood. Dr. Sam believes that by seeing patients right after their first birthday, and emphasizing prevention and good education, there will be far fewer tooth problems in your child’s future.

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As a whole, Libertyville Dental Associates seeks to partner with their patients, and they are mindful of the big picture when planning out treatment goals. Dr. Sam stresses that they are conservative with their treatments, always keeping in mind, “How can we help them have a positive experience?” In my daughter’s case, we, together, discussed her minor budding cavities, and determined which would definitely need treatment and which we both felt were fine just being monitored.

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Libertyville Dental Associates prioritizes developing a relationship with their patients. They are family-oriented, and aim to provide a high level of care to all of their patients, young or old. Dr. Sam and his staff take time with each patient, and avoid overloading their schedule so there aren’t lengthy wait times. The most important thing to Dr. Sam? “We want to treat you like you’re our family.

Dr. Sam is offering new patients a free, signed copy of his book Sugar Bugs for visiting him at his office! Just tell them that Little Lake County sent you! Attendee’s at our April Blue Sky Yoga event in Libertyville will also receive copies of Dr. Sam’s book. Check our Birthday Express Winter Playdate Series post for details.

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Libertyville Dental Associates
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