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Welcome to Locally Grown! Locally Grown introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. Have you met this month’s featured business owner yet?  Shirin Pope is the owner and CEO of Petit Somme Neck Pillow.

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Who doesn’t long to take a road trip where you and your partner have stimulating conversations while your sweet and adorable offspring sleep quietly, dreaming of rainbows and unicorns in the backseat? Where the only disruption is when they wake briefly, murmuring “I love traveling” before falling back into a peaceful slumber?

Well, with Petit Somme’s Neck Pillow, this COULD (maybe, possibly, hopefully) become a reality for you and your family! An amazing travel pillow, Petit Somme was a mom’s dream that came to life with a help of a chiropractor and a car seat safety-trained physician’s assistant, a well as a focus group consisting of several children ranging in age from four months up to 10 years and their parents.

Photo credit: Shirin Pope | Petit Somme Pillow | 2016

Why this pillow over others on the market? Simply put – it is the best, made out of the love and commitment to creating the perfect product. The Petit Somme pillow is hand made, sewn and manufactured in the United States. It’s primary material is a nontoxic memory foam called Biogreen, which has the GreenGuard seal of approval and has the lowest level of V.O.C’s (V.O.C. stands for Volatile Organic Compound, which is the odd smell that many new things possess). Petit Somme is the only children’s head support pillow on the market that uses this exclusive type of memory foam. The pillow is fully patented and was invented by a mom for moms.

Petit Somme Neck Pillow uses a new and innovative design which supports the child’s head by combining two support systems, both around the neck and under the chin, to hold the head properly in place. This prevents the head from falling forward, eliminating your child’s cramped neck or flopping head while the car is in motion, and thus allows for restful sleep in a car seat. The support provided to the neck area allows for a more comfortable and natural sleep position, and actually helps facilitate breathing naturally while sleeping due to the improved posture in the car seat.

Photo credit: Shirin Pope | Petit Somme Pillow | 2016

A true labor of love, the product research and development took about four years and over 200 prototypes before the final finished pillow was ready to go on the market. Petit Somme has also been working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) to ensure that the product is safe to be used in a car seat. The pillow does not at any point alter or obstruct the car seat harness and is strictly placed on the child (not on the car seat) and therefore does not void the car seat warranty.

Photo Source Shirin Pope
Photo Source Shirin Pope

The CEO and owner of Petit Somme, Lake’s County’s very own Shirin Pope, came up with this idea and decided to make her dream a reality. She started by meeting with an attorney to patent the design, and while the patent was pending, found a manufacturer in California. For four long years, research and development took place until a perfect product was created, and Shirin received the full patent and formed the LLC. She and her husband believed so strongly in the product that they invested their own money and hope to continue to grow sales. Shirin says “It’s never been about the money for me; it has always been to bring awareness. I want to help other parents who have experienced the same struggles that I did with my own child in the car seat.”

Thank you Petit Somme for making all of our lives easier. Road trip anyone?

Petit Somme is offering 10% off their pillows to Little Lake County Readers during the month of October, just make sure to add the Locally Grown discount code LittleLake10 when ordering your product.
Click here to purchase a Petit Somme Pillow.

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