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When a package appeared on my doorstep, my crew of three small humans went crazy.  We love getting packages that Mommy doesn’t remember ordering and opening them together! It was a Potty Duck!

My children, ages six, four, and two were all thrilled to receive this new toy, the Potty Duck. We all went to the bathroom to play in the bathtub with our new miniature toilet (the best part!) and squeezable duck.  Everyone took turns playing with the duck and the potty, and we even talked with my youngest about how to use the potty and that she could even flush it.  She narrates every little thing when anyone in our house uses the bathroom, so I figured this was the last little step to push us into the big-girl undies for sure.  While she sat on the potty after playing with the duck, she then asked to get down quickly.  I was bummed.

potty duck locally grown
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But still, every day, this duck and potty are played with.  The toys make for an easy conversation starter for me and my children.  “Does Ducky need to go potty?  Let’s try.”  How many times have you said that in your life?

The “potty” portion of the Potty Duck has convenient suction cups that attach to most bathroom walls, sinks, or tubs.  We have a textured tile around our bathtub, so the potty won’t stay up on the wall, however I just set it on the side of the tub and then lift it for the kids to “flush” it into the bathtub.  They LOVE this feature.  They squeal and giggle and feel so powerful. It is precious.

Potty Duck
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We continued to play with the Potty Duck every day for a week, but Annie just didn’t want to try to potty that much. I took Dr. Mann’s, the co-creator of the Potty Duck, advice and just let it go.  She said to keep playing, but to stop talking about her using the potty all of the time.  We can practice with the duck, but she doesn’t need to sit on the toilet every twenty minutes, either.

Our family is back to potty training, and trying to decide if this is the right time to potty train the kids. But the Potty Duck is a great tool and I believe it is doing its job–increasing potty awareness, potty understanding, and even potty practice.  The Potty Duck is a fun toy to use alongside our persistence and routines to get these little ones using the toilet!

potty duck locally grown

Potty Duck
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Potty Duck is offering Little Lake County readers a $5 off coupon code, LLCPOTTY, to use through March 1, 2017.

Disclosure: Potty Duck is our featured Locally Grown Business of the Month. This series of features is part of a paid partnership with Little Lake County. Contact sales[at]littlelakecounty[dot]com if you are interested in featuring your own locally-owned business in our series.


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