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Welcome to Locally Grown! Locally Grown introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. Have you met this month’s featured business owner, Jami-Lyn Derse, DVM? Dr. Derse is the owner of Veterinary Housecall Care, LLC.

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Dr. Jami-Lyn Derse opened Veterinary Housecall Care, LLC after four years of practicing in traditional veterinary emergency and specialty care. Through conversations with clients and her own experiences, she recognized the need for more convenient care options that would result in less stressful treatment for pets, too. Dr. Derse comes to your home to treat your pet. She arrives with her supplies in tow and will meet with you and take care of your pet in the comfort of your living room, seven days a week, anywhere in Lake or Cook County. She treats some exotic animals, too.

Veterinary Housecall Care, LLC
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Although Dr. Derse’s house call services are convenient for everyone, as a Mom, they’re especially appealing to me. Prior to staying home with my kids, I worked in a veterinarian’s office for six years. Seeing people struggle with multiple pets, cats, animals with serious illness or mobility issues, concerns of contagious diseases, and behavior issues, I can attest first hand to the benefit of house call care, too.

Veterinary Housecall Care, LLC
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Dr. Derse arrived at my home with treats in hand, and boy-oh-boy was my mutt happy to see her.  My social and happy dog does all right at the vet, but he shows clear signs of nervousness. He made it through his exam with Dr. Derse oblivious to the fact that he was getting checked out! My previous dog was an extremely shy rescue pup that had been neglected. Trips to the vet were rough for everyone. I needed to get a babysitter for my kids because I needed to focus all of my attention on the dog. She was large, strong, and scary looking to some people; visits to the vet–despite their great care– were particularly traumatic. I wish I would have been able to seek house call care for her. And cats! Don’t get me started on cats. Does anyone enjoy bringing their cat to an animal hospital? Just the process of catching the cat and getting it in the carrier is an ordeal.

Photo Source Veterinary Housecall Care on Facebook
Photo Source Veterinary Housecall Care on Facebook

From check-ups to wound care, Dr. Derse and her technicians are able to provide you with a wide range of services in the comfort of you own home, including:

  • blood tests,
  • nail trims,
  • anal gland expressions,
  • ear infection treatment,
  • minor laceration repair,
  • treatment for vomiting or diarrhea,
  • allergies,
  • vaccinations,
  • pain management,
  • parasite prevention and treatment,
  • hospice care, and
  • humane euthanasia.

If your pet needs services that cannot be provided in your home, Dr. Derse works with a wide network of veterinarians that can provide complete care for your animals. In addition to her house call veterinary practice, Dr. Derse works shifts at a veterinary emergency and specialty center.

Veterinary Housecall Care, LLC
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Do yourself and your pet a favor: when it’s time to schedule your next vet appointment, give Dr. Derse a call. And, as an added bonus, you can feel good about the fact that you’re supporting a local, mom-owned business, too!

If you’re traveling with your pets, read Dr. Derse’s recent guest post, Tips for Safe Road Trips with Pets.

Dr. Derse is offering 20% off one physical exam/house call visit to Little Lake County Readers, just make sure to mention the Locally Grown feature when you schedule your appointment.

Jami-Lyn Derse, DVM Veterinary Housecall Care Locally Grown

Veterinary Housecall Care, LLC
847-672-7737 | Facebook
Available By Appointment 7 Days A Week

Disclosure: Veterinary Housecall Care, LLC is our featured Locally Grown Business of the Month. This series of features is part of a paid partnership with Little Lake County. Contact littlelakecounty[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested in featuring your own locally-owned business in our monthly series.


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