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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. This month we have gotten to know Dr. Jonathan Engstrom. Dr. Jon is the Owner of Center for Wellness in Mundelein. Today we are going to go inside and learn more about Center for Wellness and the services offered.

It’s easy to see why the Center for Wellness has been voted Reader’s Digest’s “Best of the Best Chiropractors” by the Daily Herald for the last two years. After all, Dr. Jonathan Engstrom (Dr. Jon) and his staff are committed to working with each patient to meet his/her specific goals. He calls this “goal-oriented care.” Each treatment plan includes the following goal progression:

  • Helping the patient find relief from pain;
  • Helping the patient regain 100% function through restorative care; and
  • Providing wellness care that allows the patient to stay fully mobile and achieve his/her wellness goals.
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Center for Wellness is home to two massage therapists and a Chiropractic Assistant who helps with pre-adjustment muscular massage. Since muscles can be 6-7 layers deep, it’s important to warm up before an adjustment. That’s why the office has plenty of space for exercises, stretches, and a massage space for soft tissue work before an adjustment begins.

What makes the Center for Wellness different?

Center for Wellness encourages habits that promote lifelong structural health. To that end, they’re involved in many activities in the Mundelein community. Dr. Jon and his staff are especially concerned about the postural health of moms and their young children. That’s why he’s been a sponsor at many of our Little Lake County events. Moms and young children are especially prone to habits that can lead to problems over time. And parents need to be aware of children’s postural habits that can create problems in adulthood. Dr. Jon teaches parents how to guide children through simple stretches and encourages behavior modifications. Things, like carrying a heavy backpack or having poor posture, can be relearned and are important to address before age 18.

Photo Source: Center for Wellness

What can patients expect?

A typical office visit lasts about 30 minutes and includes basic physical therapy recommendations and exercises patients can complete at home.  Even simple tasks like going for a walk can lead to better treatment outcomes. Dr. Jon calls this a “Wellness Win.”  Encouraging patients in self-guided exercise outside of their appointment time is an important part of his protocol. Many of his recommendations are on his Facebook page so patients can easily follow their physical therapy program at home.

**Editor’s Note**

I have been a patient of Dr. Jon’s and when I first came in with a low back injury, I could barely stand straight and simply walking caused pain. At the end of my appointment, which included massage, stretching, and adjustment I walked out pain free and standing up. After several weeks of treatment, I was totally back to normal. In addition, the stretches and exercises he gave me have allowed me to keep from re-injuring my back and to stretch it out when I feel it getting tight again. My preschool son was ever present with me at my visits and Dr. Jon always engaged with him, in fact, if anyone ever says their back hurts he pipes up “You need to see Dr. Jon!” As a runner, I appreciated his understanding of and background in sports, I felt comfortable without being scolded about how hard running is.

The Center also offers kinesiotaping and sport cupping, two procedures that help improve circulation and are especially beneficial for athletes. The staff at the Center for Wellness empowers people to live more active lives every day. Maybe that’s why the majority of patients come to the practice via client referral.  Dr. Jon believes it’s his commitment to giving the best back to his community that leads patients to his practice.

center for welness

Dr. Jonathan Engstrom, Mundelein Chiropractor
Center for Wellness Chiropractic Care | (847) 949-0063
700 N. Lake Street, Suite 102, Mundelein, IL 60060

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