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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. This month we have gotten to know Dr. Katie Graber. Dr. Garber is the Owner of Graber Orthodontics in Vernon Hills and Glenview. Today we are going to learn more about the practice.

The staff and doctors at Graber Orthodontics know a thing or two about making people smile. They’ve been doing it for nearly 70 years!  Dr. Lee Graber started his practice on the North Shore and later moved into the Vernon Hills office. He was joined by his daughter Dr. Katie Graber in 2004. Now, along with Dr. Kelly Gyllenhaal, they see patients at locations in both Vernon Hills and Glenview.

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I visited Graber Orthodontics’ Vernon Hills office and was immediately greeted in their cozy waiting area by a cheery and welcoming staff.  Dr. Katie Graber says her staff meets every morning to talk about ways they can be mindful of patient needs and give everyone who walks in the door 100%, and it shows!  One of the things Dr. Katie loves most about being an orthodontist is the chance to be part of her patient’s lives.  Most children come to her practice at the recommended dental age of 7 or 8 for their first check-up, although few will need treatment at that time.  This early check-up allows kids to get used to their doctor and familiarize themselves with the office. Dr. Katie loves seeing the difference a healthy smile makes for children’s self-esteem as they grow from adolescence to teenagers.

Graber Orthodontics
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But braces aren’t just for kids! Nearly 50% of patients at Graber Orthodontics are adults who benefit from orthodontic treatment to save their teeth or improve dental stability. Many of Graber’s patients elect for treatment with clear aligners and Invisalign, which makes treatment more accessible for people who want improvement in their teeth without brackets and wires. In fact, Graber Orthodontics is among the top 1% of Invisalign providers in Lake County.

Graber Orthodontics has a history of using the most modern and best technologies for improving patient care. In the United States, Graber Orthodontics pioneered the use of a computer system to organizing patient information and in turn, wrote the “Graber textbook,” which is the primary teaching and training manual for orthodontists worldwide. Graber Orthodontics uses computer modeling to build braces from beginning to end, so each treatment plan is individualized.  As a result, orthodontic treatment requires about half as much time as traditional methods.  In addition, patients at Graber Orthodontics only need follow-up appointments every 6-12 weeks while undergoing treatment, making it extremely convenient for busy kids, working adults and even college students.

Graber Orthodontics
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Graber Orthodontics believes orthodontic care should always be about what the patient needs and that’s why Graber offers so many choices. Direct marketing to consumers has changed the way people approach braces, but a licensed orthodontist is still the best choice.  Individuals who seek care from sources besides a licensed orthodontist are more likely to get stuck in a one-size-fits-all approach that results in additional treatment later in life.

Orthodontists like the ones at Graber are specialists in tooth movement and dental development. Not only do they complete dental school, they also spend an additional 2-3 years of full-time education learning the proper ways to fix bites and align teeth. Because orthodontistry is Graber’s specialty, they’re doctors are trained to accurately design devices and effectively use computer tomography to build a treatment plan that results in shorter treatment time and better results.  That’s something we can all smile about!

Graber Orthodontics
Photo source Graber Orthodontics

graber orthodontics

Graber Orthodontics
830 West End Court, Suite 175, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 | (847) 367-4920

2300 Lehigh Avenue, Suite 110, Glenview, IL 60026 | (847) 281 – 0125

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