MADE in Lake County: Lisa McKernan of Yoga Balance

Grayslake, IL

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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. Today it is our pleasure to introduce you to Lisa McKernan, owner of Yoga Balance, Inc. in Grayslake. Yoga Balance, Inc. offers beginner-level yoga classes in a friendly and supportive environment.

Lisa McKernan of Yoga Balance

Lisa is a mom and Grayslake resident of over 20 years. Married to her best friend and husband Joe of 25 years, she has 2 children; Kate and Jack. Previously, she was a stay-at-home mom for 16 years. When her children became more independent, she knew that she wanted to re-enter the workforce. However, she wanted to find something that she was passionate about. Lisa said, “when the right job comes along I’ll know.

So how did she know?

Lisa tried yoga 4 years ago because she thought that she might like it. She was right; she loved it immediately. She was drawn to both the mental and a physical discipline of yoga that requires “you to focus on you.” Lisa recognizes that it is easy to lose this focus in a stressful world and as a parent. After seeing how yoga had changed her, she finally took the plunge in 2014 and attended teacher training (an intensive 200 hours over 6 months) and began subbing for classes at another local studio. They eventually allowed her to use the studio to teach her friends. With the encouragement of her husband, family, and friends she decided that this was “the right job” and opened Yoga Balance, Inc. in January of 2015.

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Yoga Balance, Inc. is truly a family affair. Lisa’s daughter, Kate, attends class often and invites her soccer teammates to the practice as yoga is great for loosening muscles in athletes. Her son helps with marketing and technology. Her husband is her biggest cheerleader and assists with bookkeeping. Her mom has even come to the studio when she is in town.

What makes Yoga Balance, Inc. different than other Yoga Studios? Lisa prides herself on creating a supportive, non-intimidating, friendly environment. She is approachable and focuses on each student and their abilities individually. Incorporating a theme into every session, personal as well as physical growth are important parts of what she wants to give others. Lisa is also involved in her local community and wants the studio to be its own “community” where everyone is supportive of each other and can make fast friends. Lisa also loves to celebrate;  she says “any reason to have a party” and had a party at the 6-month mark for the studio, and plans to do so again at the 1 year anniversary.

credit: Capture the Moment Photography

What else do you do for fun?

My favorite hobby is reading. Because of this love, the studio is currently hosting a book drive, giving books to under-served children. I also enjoy scrapbooking and being active at my church, St. Gilbert.

Did you find any odd or surprising benefits to yoga?

Yes–I grew 1 inch after my first 6 months of yoga!

How do you balance work and family?

As I work on balancing work and family, I try to take a break from the computer when the kids are home. I make time to listen to the kids when they want to talk (teenagers do not want to talk to their mom all the time. My husband and I make time for each other like date nights 1 or 2 times a month and weekends away once or twice a year (big thanks to our moms  for making those possible!).

What is one of your favorite family things to do in Lake County?

One of our favorite family activities in the summer is to attend concerts at Ravinia. We bring a big picnic dinner, our books to read and games to play before the concert. It’s a great way to spend an evening as a family since we all really enjoy music. Our son enjoys it so much that he had a job at Ravinia last summer!

Yoga Balance, Inc.
997 N. Corporate Circle Suite D, Grayslake, IL | (847)807-1508
[email protected] | Facebook

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MADE in Lake County: Lisa McKernan of Yoga Balance

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