MADE in Lake County: Suzy’s Swirl

Lake Bluff, IL

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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. This month we have introduced you to Sue Tierno, owner of Suzy’s Swirl in Lake Bluff. Today we are going to go inside!

Editor’s Note; Suzy’s Swirl previously had a Gurnee location where these pictures are from, though the thoughts on the service and product stand true at the Lake Bluff location as well.

My family and I recently visited the former Gurnee location which is located next to Verizon Wireless and Jersey Mike’s. As soon as you walk into Suzy’s Swirl you notice how bright and clean everything is. If you haven’t been there before there’s someone there to help explain how the “swirly” process happens.

First, you start close to the back of the store where you can decide if you want a cone or a cup for your frozen concoction. Then you move along to the ice cream machines. The flavors change from time to time. For this visit, one of the machines had Key Lime Bar on one side of the ice cream machine and Coconut on the other. If you swirl it from the middle you got something that tasted a lot like Key Lime pie! Not sure if you’ll like a flavor then take a little taster cup to try it out.

Suzy's Swirl lake bluff

Next, down the line, you can add your toppings and there’s a lot to choose from. From cereal to cookies, gummy bears to juice-filled balls that burst when you bite into them, there’s so much to choose to make your frozen dessert your own!

My youngest has a milk sensitivity so it’s rare that we can go out for dessert as a family. I love Suzy’s Swirl has non-dairy options for their customers. My oldest decided he wanted to try the birthday cake swirl with gummy bears on the top that he loved!

Suzy's Swirl lake bluff

To add to the family-friendly environment the tables close to the front of the store allow patrons to write on them with dry-erase markers. There’s a chalkboard wall in the back near the restrooms that’s a ton of fun to draw on and a super comfortable lounge area with tables that makes meeting up with friends a fun experience.

Suzy's Swirl

Suzy’s Swirl
703 W. Rockland Rd., Lake Bluff
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MADE in Lake County: Suzy\'s Swirl
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