MADE in Lake County: The Latte Cafe & Bakery

Antioch, IL

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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. This month we have gotten to know Shannon Rosberg and Anna Rosberg,  the owners of The Latte Cafe & Bakery in Antioch. Today we get to go inside this gorgeous little cafe, complete with a video tour.

If you have looked at pictures of coffee shops on Pinterest or Instagram and wondered where you could find such a light, airy, and beautiful coffee shop outside of social media, The Latte Cafe is that place. Located on the top of a hill on the corner of Main Street in Antioch walking in is a delight to the senses. The house has had many reincarnations over the years, and Shannon Rosberg and Anna Rosberg have kept some of those features, like the wood walls from when it was a leather shop, as they make The Latte Cafe & Bakery their own.

the latte cafe antioch

Shannon and Anna took over The Latte Cafe from the previous owners in 2017 and have been putting their mark on the building since. In addition to making the cafe feel Pinterest perfect, Anna has been in the kitchen perfecting and honing favorite recipes, like the fan favorite Blueberry Lemon scone or Shannon’s personal favorite the blondies.

In the kitchen, Anna has a focus on the quality of product over the quantity, so what you see when you walk in is what is there for the day. They focus on small batch baking, so everything is fresh. They work with several charitable agencies to donate any items they have left over so nothing goes to waste. In addition to the ever-changing pastry case they have homemade soups and monthly sandwich specials, there are over 20 sandwich options to choose from on their lunch menu.

Anna likes to mix things up and is always trying new flavors. As the rise in gluten-free and keto customers have grown, she’s experimented and tried many varieties of treats for everyone to enjoy. While I was there I had a flourless peanut butter cookie, it was absolute perfection! Crunchy when you bit it yet it melted in your mouth. I brought home a ham and cheese scone for my husband who has always preferred savory to sweet, and it made the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Shannon and Anna love the community that has developed in the cafe, from regular visitors to special events. A local artist displays her work as well as working in the cafe. Teachers from Antioch High School pop across the street to enjoy lunch and coffee. They host both public events, like paint nights, and private parties as well. Their favorite event is the fourth of July where the lawn outside the cafe and the patio are filled with friends and neighbors for the best view of the fireworks.

Recently The Latte Cafe co-hosted a 90th Birthday Party for Mickey Mouse with a local travel agent. The event featured multiple vendors all selling Disney themed items, and the house was packed. They are planning more events in the future as well, and space is always available to rent for private events.

The newest offering at The Latte Cafe & Bakery is one any busy mom who doesn’t want to get a kid in and out of the car can appreciate: Curbside Coffee. Customers just call ahead to the cafe and place their order, and tell them the make and color of their vehicle. Then when you arrive at the cafe, you pull into one of the designated Curbside Coffe parking spots, and they bring the order right to your car. You can pay and everything without unbuckling kids or getting out in the cold. As someone who is always torn between the desire to shop local and the convenience of a drive-thru, this is a game changer.

Want to take a look inside with me?

Plan a visit to the Latte cafe this week and get your perfect Instagram shot as well as a tasty treat. Don’t forget to tell them that Little Lake County sent you for a buy one get one half off special!

The Latte Cafe & Bakery
1185 Main St., Antioch, IL 60002 | (224) 788-5076
Facebook | Instagram

Disclosure: The Latte Cafe & Bakery is our featured Business of the Month. This series is part of a paid promotion partnership with Little Lake County.  If you are interested in featuring your locally-owned business in our series, please contact the sales team.

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