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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. Today it is our pleasure to introduce you to Jamie Ross. Jamie is a real estate broker with CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate.

When it comes to making important choices in life we tend to go to the experts.  I tend to be drawn to those who have real life experience in their field — especially people who have experienced some hard knocks, so it is really fun to get to introduce you to my neighbor and trusted mom friend, Jamie Ross.

Jamie Ross

Jamie is an extroverted and friendly mom who quickly makes her clients feel comfortable.  It is easy to get to know Jamie because she is welcoming and great at communicating.  We met at the bus stop three years ago and we’ve chatted through some renovations. Jamie’s knowledge about homes has always been apparent even though she has only been selling homes for a year.

Jamie and her husband purchased their first condo in Arlington Heights as young adults.  She took classes at Harrington School of Design to pursue her passion of architecture and design, and landed a few jobs in sales.  As the housing market began the steady incline that most of us remember, so did their desire for more space and a place to raise a family.

Jamie Ross

In 2006, Jamie and Mike were able to sell their condo and move to their larger home in Lindenhurst. It made sense for them to move farther northwest to put down roots in a house with more bedrooms and a yard of their own.  But, like most of us, they were shocked when the market crashed and suddenly their house was worth much less than the amount it was purchased. Jamie knows exactly what it means to feel that your house is worth more than it actually is.  I think this makes her a great asset to any home buying team, she’s ready to help you make the best choice you can!

Recently, Jamie worked in school fundraising full-time after being home with their two daughters for a few years. In 2016 she started studying real estate because she couldn’t shake her interest in helping people find a place to call home.  She chose to leave her full-time job and pursue real estate full time in 2017. She loves the process from start to finish with home buyers and sellers.  Jamie joined CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate team in Winnetka, but her office is truly wherever her clients want to be.  Living in northern Lake County, she is very educated on the communities and ready to help all of our Lake County families!

Jamie Ross

There is no doubt that Jamie has learned so much from her own home purchases, and after buying in inflated market conditions, she is motivated to help people to be wise in their home purchases.  Jamie’s husband is a fantastic carpenter and together they have worked to make their house everything they want it to be, so she is also a great resource for buyers and sellers regarding home renovations. 

Jamie is a great agent to work with because she has the time to commit to her clients.  She utilizes all of the best marketing practices and tools to get your home sold. She has a vision and is able to help you know what you’re really getting yourself into or how to make your house show best.

My husband and I have met with quite a few realtors over the years and what we felt most was that everyone was ready to sell to us, now.  I don’t do well with pressure and tend to shut down when pushed. What I like most about Jamie is that she isn’t in a hurry and is ready to enjoy the journey of finding the home that you’re looking for.  But if you are seeking something yesterday — she absolutely has the time to commit to your home search as she works with clients full time. Being on a strong, established team, she has fantastic support and partners to bring you the best home buying and selling experience possible.  If you’re a client who needs time navigating wants, needs and budgets, she will be supportive of that process, too. The last thing she wants is to help you get into something you can’t afford.

Jamie is truly an educated homeowner, which makes her a fantastic agent to work with!

Jamie Ross

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Jamie Ross, CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate
Lake County

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