The Magnificent Seven – Popular Playgrounds of Lake County {2017}

While the kids sit inside twirling their fidget spinners or hogging the tablet, there’s a big wide world of outdoor play waiting for them!   If they’re feeling jaded about your neighborhood pocket park or backyard swing, we know how to get them excited about the playground again…

popular playgrounds in Lake County


These Lake County playgrounds have risen to the top of our analytic charts. The profiles of these elite seven Lake County playgrounds have been viewed and shared by our readers thousands of times and have received the most views of any other playgrounds on our website.  We’re guessing this means you like them.

So if you wanna be in with the in-crowd of on-the-go parents, these are the playgrounds where you want to see and be seen.  Time to get your playground game on fleek.

# 7  Paulus Park, Lake Zurich

Paulus Park offers something for everyone from a skate park for the tweens to a splash pad and beach, oh and the playground is so cool even those that have previously shunned playgrounds as being for “little kids” will find themselves climbing around it.

Paulus Park
200 S. Rand Rd., Lake Zurich
For more information, read our Paulus Park Profile. 


Playground profile for Paulus Park

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#6  Deerpath Park – Kids’ Castle, Vernon Hills

Kights and princess comes out to play in this imaginative playground that was re-built from the bottom up.

Deerpath Park
299 Onwentsia Road, Vernon Hills
For more information, read our Deerpath Park Profile.


Kids castle playground vernon hills

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#5  Betty Russell Community Park, Gurnee

Whether your child wants to climb to great heights or prefers to conduct their own train this parks will suit them. There is large variety of structures and spaces to keep the whole family happy.

Betty Russell Community Park
5300 Pinewood Rd., Gurnee
For more information see our Betty Russell Playground Profile. 

Betty Russell Park

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Join us at Betty Russell this summer as we embark on our 2017 Playground Tour!

#4  Bowen Park, Waukegan

This park will have the kids gasping and running from the parking lot, for reals. The two story climbing structure spanning the upper and lower parks will make even the skeptical park goer jump in. There is also a splash pad and nature trails here.

Bowen Park
1800 North Sheridan Road, Waukegan
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# 3  Garoon Gateway to Science, Lake Zurich

They’ll ooh, they’ll ahh, and they may even learn something too!

Garoon Gateway to Science
23280 N. Old McHenry Road, Lake Zurich | 847-726-0800
Learn more about this unique attraction in Explore Science Outdoors at the Garoon Gateway to Science {Lake Zurich}

Garoon Gateway to Science is a private park on the Lake County JCC campus. They are open to the public only during special events, such as Summer Funfest on June 25, 2017.  Be on the lookout for another public event in the Fall…


# 2  Warren Township Park, Gurnee

The largest park of all means everyone can find a place to have fun!

Warren Township Park
17801 W. Washington Street, Gurnee

More details in our Warren Township Park Profile. 

Warren Park Gurnee

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#1  Hastings Lake Park, Lake Villa

This park rose to the ranks of favorite the moment it opened its doors. From the imaginative landscape to the structures for all ages, not to mention the trails that are perfect for hiking!

Hastings Lake Playground
21155 W. Gelden Road, Lake Villa
For a full review read our Hastings Lake Park Profile.

Hasting Lake Park Profile

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Have a playground you LOVE that you think we should profile on Little Lake County! Tell us about it in the comments! 

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