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With four kids I have piles of kids stuff, especially clothes. It seems everyday someone has grown another inch and needs new stuff. Now that we are done having kids I have been ruthless in letting go of stuff the second (or sometimes before) it’s not needed, too small, or aged out of.

Vinted Kids
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I’m a huge fan of resale events and shops and do regularly drop off items at a local resale shop. While it’s great for large amounts of items, sometimes I have larger items (think cribs and dressers) or higher end clothing (Matilda Jane) that I just want to recoup a little more of the cost on. While I have tried online sales groups and sites it’s frustrating when people don’t show up and I’m wary about going to people’s houses to buy items.

vinted kids

Vinted Kids is a new Parent-to-Parent online marketplace that let’s you not only easily sell your kids stuff but allows you to connect to other parents at the same stage of life as you. In addition to buying and selling Vinted Kids offers a community forum for members to connect with each other. Vinted and Vinted Kids is a leader in the sharing economy with 11 million app users worldwide.

Unlike other online options the Vinted App is not only easy to use but makes the whole process safer for the seller and buyer. All of the uploads are moderated so if someone uploads a pair of torn jeans and says they’re in mint condition it will get caught. Same goes for items that are recalled and not legal to sell.


In addition to being moderated Vinted Kids give you security with the buying process. No money needs to change hands the app handles all the payments back and forth. No more having to dig for change or just take what the person brings because they only have  a $20. It also makes larger purchases and sales much easier, no more carrying large amounts of cash to meet a stranger to buy a crib. Sellers and buyers are also rated so if someone is always a no-show you will see that in their buyer notes and can choose someone else.

Vinted Kids also gives you the option to ship items instead of arranging a pick-up. The price for shipping is listed right with the item and sellers, the shipping is arranged for you. You print a prepaid label when the item sells and use that to ship the item, it couldn’t be easier.

vinted kids

Vinted Kids is safer than other online groups because of its security policy. They issue refunds if orders are not shipped, damaged, or not as described. They will not release payment to the seller until the buyer says it was received and in condition described (time limits apply)

The Vinted Kids app will walk you through the whole process of selling in simple easy steps all done from your phone. Snap a few pictures, fill in the fields and BOOM! You’re done and making money on the clutter that’s filling your closets and basement.

The Vinted Kids App is a free download for Android and iOS. During the launch Vinted Kids is offering a zero percent transaction fee on items sold, but you have to upload them during the launch! So sign-up today and start making money tomorrow!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Vinted Kids, all thoughts and opinions are that of the author.


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