Meijer: A Grocery Shopping Game Changer {Round Lake Beach}

Although it’s no secret that I LOVE my Peapod delivery man, give me a latte and an hour to kill, and you’ll find me wandering the aisles of a grocery store, drooling over the “things-to-try.”  I’m a transplant from the Bloomington area, and, I’ll confess, I staked out their new Meijer once-upon-a-time, and even dragged my hubby to the grand opening to get a free giveaway.

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Now I spend my coveted free time haunting the McHenry location. From its astonishing fresh food selection to its FREE mechanical pony rides for good little helpers, it’s a momma’s paradise. In preparation for Meijer’s June 23 Round Lake Beach opening, read on for my top reasons that I am a Meijer addict.

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mPerks: We are not super-couponers at my house. I tried it once and could not fathom how women with children could dig through their purse locating the right coupon for the right product at the right time without losing their minds. AND, I don’t buy a lot of pre-packaged food so very few coupons fit my menu plan. mPerks is an online coupon app coupon specific to Meijer products. The best part is that you can usually get discounts on fresh produce and other Meijer brands. Just choose the items on your app or online account, then enter your phone number at check out and “ta-da!,” you have saved money!

Fresh Seafood: Ok, I’m  a fish snob. I love fish, but if it smells like fish…forget it. Meijer has their fish delivered six days a week and it is super fresh and delicious. Seriously, it’s the only place I’ll buy seafood.


Insane Produce Selection: I love to cook and try new foods, and Meijer always has my back. Guava, papaya, cactus leaf, celery root, yucca?! They’ve got it. Challenge yourself and your family. Pick up a new fruit or veggie on every trip. You might surprise yourself how much you adore Japanese Kabocha.

International Options: If I had the money, I would eat my way around the world. I love trying new cultures and new things. Meijer literally gives you a taste of different ethnicities. Tahini, gefilte fish, mazta, and more. They offer things rarely seen at your local grocery, which is a breath of fresh air to my menu planning.

Gluten-free Options: As our community’s needs have changed, so has Meijer. They have a large and varied gluten-free aisle, with everything from ice cream cones to cake mixes. Yes, you may eat cookies again!

Photo Credit: Meijer
Photo Credit: Meijer

FREE prescriptions: Many of Meijer’s antibiotics, prenatal vitamins, and more to customers at no cost. No, I’m not kidding. For more information about select free prescriptions, please visit the Meijer website.

Home Decor: It’s like Pottery Barn on a Target budget. I can’t tell you how many rooms I’ve furnished a la Meijer. From gorgeous rugs, to dressers and end tables, their options are chic and timeless, yet won’t break your wallet.

All-in-one: Big kid bikes, luxurious patio furniture, one-hour photo, scoops of ice cream, delightful cakes, live lobsters, blood pressure cuffs, exotic plants, and organic foods. Meijer is your new one-stop shop to meet your family’s needs.

Did I also say FREE mechanical pony and live fish? They’ve gotten my kids through numerous shopping trips (as well as the free cookies in the bakery).

See you at Meijer!

Meijer Round Lake Beach is scheduled to open on June 23
772 E. Rollins Rd., Round Lake Beach

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