Mom-Made Gift Guide

You know we love our Mompreuners! During this time of year buying mom-made gives feels even better because you know they are just like you, trying to figure out how to make the holidays special for their kids. When you shop mom-made you make the holidays brighter for you with these beautiful handmade gifts and brighter for the mom by supporting her business and passion.

This year’s Mom-Made Gift Guide features both local Mompreuners that we have featured on our Mompreuner Monday’s as well as some of my personal favorite Mom-made gifts that I have either purchased myself or know the creator personally (or both!).  If you click on the names below the image it will take you to the personal shop of those featured. Give them some love, share, like, pin, and buy!


Do you try to buy handmade for the holidays? Share your favorite gifts in the comments and spread the handmade love!
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