Mompreneur Mondays: Jamie Medina of ChiTown Cupcake Company

Mompreneur of the MonthWelcome to Mompreuner Monday, where we introduce you to Mom-Based businesses in Lake County.

Today we will meet Jamie Medina of ChiTown Cupcake Company a home based sweets company out of Gurnee.


Looking for a unique and creative delicious treat to sweeten up the guests at your next event? If so then one doesn’t have to look much further then ChiTown Cupcake Company, a home based business located in Gurnee, IL.

Jamie Medina is a native of Grandville, Michigan. Jamie now calls Gurnee home with her husband, Ruben, and their adorable 1 and a half year old son, Noah. Jamie is a full time police officer with a north suburban police department. When she is not catching bad guys and spending time with her family she is working hard to create amazing delights in her kitchen as she begins building  ChiTown Cupcake Company.

A self-taught baker, Jamie began baking treats for her son’s first birthday party. Jamie admits she was never interested in baking until she her son was born. As Jamie started to plan her son’s birthday party she felt it would make Noah’s celebrations a little more special if the treats were created by Mommy.

ChiTown CupcakesJamie began baking cupcakes for family events and created a personalized cupcake tower for her niece’s birthday party that was hosted by Chuck E. Cheese in Chicago. Jamie was approached by several patrons of Chuck E. Cheese and was asked what bakery the family had purchased the cupcake tower from. When Jamie advised them it was her own creation she amazed new clients and walked away from the party with 7 clients and the beginnings of her cupcake company.

ChiTown Cupcake Company also provides cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels to provide pleasure to everyone’s sweet tooth.  ChiTown Cupcake Company has an array of different flavors of cake, icing, and fillings to choose from. Jamie strives to create unique and personalized treats for client’s special celebration.  To view all of the tasteful treats and price list please visit the website.

                ChiTown Cupcakes

 What was the catalyst that began your business?

I created the cupcake tower and baked the cupcakes for my son’s first birthday party. Guests loved the unique tower I created and complimented how good the cupcakes tasted. I enjoyed making the personalized tower so much for my son’s party that I also created a cupcake tower for my niece’s birthday party. I did not consider turning the cupcakes into a business until I had strangers approach me at Chuck E Cheese and ask to hire me to bake cupcakes for upcoming events in their lives. I love being creative and was in need of having an outlet for me outside of my job and being a Mommy.

Has it been challenging to work a full time job with insane hours, (Jamie’s police department works in 12 hour shifts and she is on the overnight shift (6:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.), be a full time Mommy, and start ChiTown Cupcake Company?

Absolutely! Now that Noah is mobile he is into everything! There is no time to work on projects for ChiTown Cupcake Company when he is awake. I work when he is napping or after he goes to sleep for the night. We created a room in our house specifically set aside for my business. It helps my body to work on the confections at night to assist in keeping me on a “normal” midnight shift schedule so I normally focus on the company during the afternoon during his nap or after his goes to sleep until 3am on my days off.

What do you feel makes ChiTown Cupcake Company stand out from other bakeries?

I pretend with each job I take on that it is my event. I use that outlook to think of different ways I can make that cupcake special to the client. I have a worksheet I ask the client to fill out with a ton of questions that allows me some insight into their personality. I thrive to create a design that brings a part of them to the confection. With children’s parties I try to take the theme of the birthday party and bring out their child’s personality to mix with the theme. I do research into a child’s favorite cartoon character I may not have met yet and have even sewed a cape to add to a cupcake tower creation for a snow princess birthday party.

ChiTown Cupcakes

What is the best thing about your job?

The chance to be creative and bring out the girly side of me. I work in a masculine field and wear a uniform to work. When I come home I run all day with my son and he is all boy! This is a time for me where I can be the part of myself that is still just me, the just me before police work, before marriage, and before becoming a mom. I love being a wife and a mother but it is really nice to find a creative outlet that is just mine to use. I love surprising friends, family, and co workers with sweet treats!

What is your inspiration?

My son. When I became pregnant with him and after he was born I wanted to take care of him and give him the best a Mommy can give. I wanted to cook all of his meals and bake all of the fun treats for his parties. This also allows me to have a fun activity that we can enjoy and make memories with together.

What do you do to recharge?

I play the piano. I have played the piano since I was ten years old. I find it relaxing, comforting, and the music has such a soothing effect on my son.

What do you love about this job?

To bring happiness to my clients and bring to them a tasteful treat for their special day!

ChiTown Cupcakes

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