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Welcome to Mompreneur Monday, where we introduce you to mom-based businesses in Lake County. This month we are introducing you to Jenni Chase, photographer and owner of Studio Share Illinois.


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Jenni Chase from Studio Share Illinois just opened up a new space in Libertyville {14047 Petronella, Suite 106}. A studio share serves local photographers, allowing them to have an indoor space with professional equipment for their use. Studio Share is a professional, flexible, rented studio space that helps independent photographers minimize cost and maximize business…a collaborative community. Jenni shared some of the reasons why she started her business and what it takes to be a Mompreneur:

What was the catalyst that started your business?

I have always had a passion for people and for photography.   I went to school for music and loved it – led worship for 10 years on staff at Faith Church in Grayslake.  I stepped down from that to start a family.  My photography had always been a hobby but started taking a more proactive roll as I was home with my kids.  It felt like an extension of my music – but only in the visual world.  I heard about the concept of a studio share at a conference and realized that this would be something I wanted to investigate.  It has turned out to be a great marriage of my love for people and empowering them – and a love for creativity and photography.  Along with that – I want photographers to understand how to value themselves, their time, and their art.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about you or your business?

Studio Share Illinois is a place where independent photographers maximize their business potential and minimize cost.   It’s a professional space and a community of creative people, and a resource for any photographer no matter where they are in the timeline of owning a small business.   Member photographers sign a year contract with a monthly membership fee and then they pay by the hour for only the hours they need through an online booking system.

Jennie Chase of the Studio Share Illinois
Photo by Katie Hall Photography 

How did you learn the skill for your business?

I’ve always found myself in leadership roles over the years – and working with people all the time.  And being a photographer, myself, helps in knowing what the needs are of those who rent from me.  Marrying a guy who owns his own construction business sure does help too – so the renovations of the space can be done at cost of supplies and maintained without needing to bring someone else in.

What are your goals for the business in the future?

I hope to have at least 2 more locations in the Chicagoland area – one closer to the city and one in the western suburbs.  The goal would be to have one membership – where a member can log into the booking system and pick the location they would like to book their hours (and meet their client).  I also have plans for a mentoring program – where beginning photographers shadow member photographers and learn the ropes of owning a small business (both the skill sets and the business basics).

Photo Credit: Jenni Chase
Photo Credit: Jenni Chase

What is your favorite thing to do with your family on the weekend?

Well – my husband started a bad habit of getting ‘coffee and donuts’ on Saturday mornings (that’s what our 4 year old calls it).  Sometimes we make homemade coffee cake instead….lol…..

What would your kids say about the business?

They like the Studio Share because there is candy there.  At this point, whatever it takes, right?  My youngest girl was born right after we started the demo of the first space we were in (and so she spent many a days in the pack n play in the middle of the shooting space while we were tearing into the place.  Our older daughter has met a ton of new friends through this – because many of the members are young moms with kids – and it’s a nice fit when we have to get together to talk business and have kiddos in tow.  So – in short – I think they’re ok with it….even though we do work a lot.

What’s in your purse?

My wallet, old receipts, 2 check books, Kleenex (not sure whether they’re used or not), lotion, Twix candy wrappers (because mommy likes the studio share candy too), lip gloss, business cards, a name tag for when I’m networking, and a tampon.   

Photo Credit: Jenni Chase
Photo Credit: Jenni Chase

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Viking Office Park, 14047 Petronella, Suite 106, Libertyville
847-254-5086 | studioshareIL{at}
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