Mompreneur Monday: Patrizia Remer of Celadon Road

Mompreneur of the MonthWelcome to Mompreneur Monday, where we introduce you to Mom-Based businesses in Lake County.

Today we are introducing you to Patrizia Remer of Celadon Road, a direct sales company dedicated to promoting greener, healthier and more socially responsible living by offering their customers the highest quality natural, organic, eco-friendly products for their every day needs.

Celadon Road is a company that hopes to inspire their customers to “purchase with a purpose” to make small changes towards a more green lifestyle. In an effort to do so, Celadon Road offers a wide variety of products such as skin care items, pet care, cleaning supplies, candles, water bottles and even jewelry, all completely safe and free of harmful ingredients.

Patrizia began her business in December of 2011 after her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. She never thought cancer would strike her family, but it did, and the horrible experience left her changed.  She felt a strong need to try to fix things and make things better. She began looking at all the ingredients in her household items and began researching the ingredients. What she found left her extremely disappointed and searching for a safe alternative. During her research, she came across Celadon Road, and from that moment on, she began to replace all of her dangerous household items, with safer, non-toxic, greener alternatives. Her bath products, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent are all courtesy of Celadon Road now, and she says she feels so much safer and more comfortable using these products than any other.

Patrizia loves what she does, although it has not been easy.  Getting the Celadon Road name out there has been a lot of work, as well as trying to explain to people that these products are safer than even the “green” products you can buy at the supermarket has been a challenge.  She finds joy in her job, meeting people, working in an environment she loves and trying out a lot of great products.  It is a busy life, especially juggling her kids and family life, along with another full-time job, but when she can, she says she recharges by spending time with family and friends and catching up a little on sleep. Working a lot of late hours to try to make time for her business isn’t easy, but she feels it is very worth it and luckily her kids like to help out too! Right now, the company is launching an all-new, natural skin care line that she is excited about. It has been very successful too, which is great news for the business and that the products seem to be making a positive impact.

Patrizia knows that she will have to work hard at what she does, but luckily she loves what she does and sees a bright future for Celadon Road. She knows the company has so much room to grow and expand and she feels like this company and what she does on a daily basis is making the world a better place, one step at a time.

To learn more about Celadon Road and Patrizia’s business, check out her webpage here.

Patrizia is giving our readers a chance to win an all-natural insect repellent from Celadon Road, just in time for the summer! Just fill out the rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. The insect repellent looks great! I hate spraying all those chemicals on my kiddies and myself – but I want to protect them too!

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