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Mompreneur of the MonthWelcome to Mompreuner Monday, where we introduce you to Mom-Based businesses in Lake County.

Today we will meet Diane Golin, founder of Color Harmony, a Highland Park based business. Diane develops customized color palettes for interiors and exteriors of homes and business. Her business has been up and running for two and a half years.



color harmony

After taking time off to stay at home with her teen children, Diane was contacted by a painter who she had previously worked with. He asked if she would be interested in helping some of his clients with color selection. That was when she realized that her new business was ready to be born. The name of her business came naturally. She thought that Color Harmony meant creating a flow and cohesiveness in an environment. When this happens, people are naturally at peace every time a space is entered, be it a family room, home office or bedroom. She wanted the name of her company to tell people that she would be able to help them achieve a harmonious feeling through color.

Diane draws her inspiration from her clients. She always begin a consultation with a dialogue about how they live in their homes. They discuss what rooms are used the most and how they spend time in each one. From there they discuss what they would like to alter in the environment and how it can be accomplished through paint color. Some clients are looking for calm, quiet environments and some are seeking high energy. Others are open to suggestions and she feels that it’s always rewarding to stretch someone’s comfort level and get them to think out of the box.

color harmonyShe knows that even though her three daughters have gotten older, it is always a balancing act to be a mom and run her business. Rules and boundaries have helped her not deny the fact that she has these two important roles. For example, she has always tried to be available to them after school even if that meant doing her work at night while they did their homework. Now, while she has a college student home to visit, she schedules appointments around them so she can still spend time together. She feels that working and being entrepreneurial has set a good example for her daughters.

Diane loves having the flexibility in her job to have a family, manage the household, and still have time to do volunteer work for the Auxiliary at Highland Park Hospital. She also loves meeting new people all the time and having a positive impact upon their lives. While not working, she like to recharge by exercise and spending time with family and friends. Once a week she finds time to meet with a knitting group, which is very nurturing and empowering.

Finally, Diane wants us to know that color can really make a difference in how you feel in an environment. As a client told her this week, “I’m so sorry we waited so long to paint! It looks beautiful and I love my home again. We never could have done this without you!”.

You can contact Diane Golin at Color Harmony in Highland Park at (847) 533-5807 or [email protected] tell her that you found her on Little Lake County and receive $20 off your service.

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