Movin’ and Improvin’ with Advocate Condell Centre Club: Fit by 40

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This story is part of a partnership with Advocate Condell Centre Club.

This body has been pregnant 6 times, birthed 4 babies, breastfed for almost 7 (non-continuous) years. It has been bigger and smaller, stronger and weaker, abused by its owner and loved by others. As it stares at the calendar with the big 4-0 looming and it looks at the big innocent eyes of two little girls it’s time to make some changes. Time to take time for me. Time to make my health a priority. Time to set an example to my daughters (and sons) that their bodies are strong and beautiful and need love and care.

Movin' and Improvin' with Advocate Condell Centre Club

To reach those goals Loralie and I have partnered with Advocate Condell Medical Center Centre Club to spend the next year working on those improvements. We’re going to be documenting the small steps we make to get Movin’ and Improvin’ and be fit by 40.

This is not a weight-loss series, this is a health journey. Women, especially mothers, tend to put their health last. While we’re hoping (of course) to lose weight, the larger goal is overall health, attainable goals that will have a direct impact on our everyday lives.

movin' and improvin' with advocate condell centre club

Melissa is our “Mom-in-Chief.”  As a busy entrepreneur and WAHM to four children including a toddler, she struggles with finding the time and taking care of herself.  A former college soccer player and an aspiring marathoner, her fitness goals have been sidelined by injury, pregnancy, and the demands of motherhood and growing business. Recently diagnosed with high cholesterol, she seeks to lower it through proper nutrition and exercise.

Melissa’s Goals are:

  • More energy and better sleep
  • Be able to keep up with a very active toddler
  • Be able to hold a 32 lb. toddler through the entire Sunday church service
  • Carry a tantruming toddler in one arm
  • Lower cholesterol, the goal is 30 points
  • Be comfortable in her own skin
Movin' and Improvin' with Advocate Condell Centre Club

Loralie is our Marketing Director and Features Editor, she is one of the 78.6 million American adults who are obese (according to CDC.)  In Illinois, 28.2% of adults are obese.  Her weight struggles are echoed by many struggling with post-baby weight and the added stressor of raising young children.  Loralie’s weight issues gained national attention in 2007 when she participated in the ABC Reality Series, Fat March.  Like so many, her weight has been a life-long struggle and she is seeking to regain her health and fitness and get “Fit by 40.”

Loralie’s Goals are:

  • Go rock wall climbing with her daughter and play soccer with her son
  • Alleviate arthritis in her knee
  • Alleviate stress through exercise
  • Lead an overall active lifestyle incorporating regular gym workouts
  • Avoid family history of Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Set a healthy example for her kids

We hope you will follow us on our journey and how we transform and make small changes to get Fit by 40. You can join us too as we’re making small steps and you can too! Share snapshots of your journey on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #LLCMoves and #Fitby40

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Advocate Condell Centre Club is a Hospital-based health and wellness club owned by Advocate Condell Medical Center and operated by Midtown Athletic Clubs. They offer a choice of group exercise, basketball, racquetball, weight lifting, swimming, indoor track and more.  They also offer various health programs, personal trainers and massage therapy.

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Disclosure: Loralie and Melissa have received a one-year membership from Advocate Condell Centre Club in exchange for sharing their journey and progress with our readers. All thoughts and opinions are that of the writer. Interested in having your business featured? Contact us today.

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