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LocallyGrownPostHeaderWelcome to Locally Grown! Locally grown introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County Businesses. This month we have gotten to know Ginger Acopiado. Ginger is the owner and creator of Music-in-the-Box Music Master. Today we are going to learn more about the Music Masters Classes and philosophy.

music masters classes

 My oldest child is ten year old. While on this parenting journey we have taken a lot of different kinds, brands, and styles of music classes.  My husband and I are both musical. While I don’t play anymore I grew up playing multiple instruments, starting in preschool with Suzki method. We value music education however we have never found a music class that either both parent and/or child enjoyed or one that we felt was worth the expense.

Until now.

Music masters classes

Many music classes we’ve sat through are full of cutesy rhymes and finger songs sung in a circle.  My oldest never liked those classes and would refuse to participate, my girls wanted to move around and dance. While Music-in-the-Box classes incorporate rhymes and songs that children will know, it doesn’t believe or enforce the circle time concept.  Ms. Ginger and her motivators know that kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers need to move, and not always in an organized way. You are never given the side eye or asked to settle your child down or keep them settled.

The class is also designed to work with that natural need to move. While a longer class, 45 minutes, it doesn’t drag because you’re constantly changing positions. From circle time with a story and songs, to instruments, to marching, to the ever popular bubbles. Music Master engages the child on all levels to provide an enriching environment to grow a love of music.

music masters classes

As a former musician and with children and a husband that play I very much appreciated the real music and music and music concepts that are worked into the class. While I can appreciate all the cutesy rhymes and the shortcuts to teaching kids music so they learn quickly. It’s much harder to re-learn the correct methods later on life.

Every class incorporates not only correct musical terms, like forte, mezzo-forte, adagio, etc. They also incorporate historical and classical music. Personally my favorite part of the class was the beginning where she would use an animal to point out one instrument in an instrumental piece.  She would use a toy animal on the child’s hand to tap out the sound as it played so the child could see (the animal), hear, and feel (the movement of the animal) in the music.

In this two minute recap of the class our animal is the dinosaur skeleton. The bones representing the xylophone in the musical number.  (please note that this class was in a dance studio which is not the norm so it’s a little louder than normal)

I went in to this class not expecting much and I am now trying to determine how to budget it in for my fourth.  Ginger is full of energy and even in with a full class manages to make each kid get one on one time with her. The classes incorporate everything you would want in a music class with the bonus of large motor skills and movement and a bonus story time. The curriculum changes every 6 weeks so children get used to the routine without becoming bored with the class.

Music-in-the-box offers developmentally appropriate music classes for children infant to age 3 as well as Suzuki instrument classes through age 7. They are currently enrolling for Fall in the following locations:

Lindenhurst Park District
Lake Zurich Park District
Barrington Park District
Liberrtyville Park District
Round Area Lake Park District
Grayslake Park District
Gurnee Park District

New this FALL! Classes are being held at The Talent Forum in Libertyville – no resident/non resident fees!

Fall Session begins September 14, 2015

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