Celebrate National Popcorn Day

written by Jennifer Johnson

January 19 is National Popcorn Day! Whether you like your popcorn air-popped, kettle-cooked, caramelized, topped with cheese, or seasoned flaming hot–there are plenty of places to enjoy mouth-watering flavors of popcorn today–and all year round in Lake County.

popcorn in lake county

Doc Popcorn
6170 W. Grand Ave, Gurnee (located at Grange Hall, Gurnee Mills) | (847) 855-2600
3783 W. Tollway Oasis Service Rd., Lake Forest (located at the Lake Forest Oasis) | (847) 250-7677
Doc popcorn prides itself in using 100% corn oil, non-GMO corn and proprietary natural flavor blends to make one of America’s favorite snacks. Try the triple white cheddar, sinfully cinnamon, or caramel kettle flavored popcorn to get out of a plain-popped rut.

Highland Pop Gourmet Popcorn
1822 2nd St., Highland Park 
There are so many yummy flavors of popcorn to choose from here. Some of the more unusual popcorn flavors include Honey Caramel Apple, Grape, and Espresso Chocolate. The popcorn here is nut- and gluten-free, and Highland Pop Gourmet Popcorn even offers a popcorn of the month subscription service.

The Long Grove Popcorn Shoppe
318 Old McHenry Rd. | (847) 821-9101 
The Long Grove Popcorn Shoppe offers over 43 different flavors of popcorn.  Whet your appetite for flavored popcorn with Bacon and Cheese, Dill Pickle, or try Strawberry and Caramel for something new.  The shop also carries an extensive selection of corn for popping and popcorn seasonings.

Long Grove Popcorn Shoppe Photo
Photo Source: The Long Grove Popcorn Shoppe Facebook page

The Popcorn Factory
13970 W. Laurel Dr, Lake Forest | (847) 362-0028 
Since 1979, The Popcorn Factory has been producing fantastic popcorn flavors like Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial, Buffalo Ranch and Birthday Celebration Cornfetti. The Popcorn Factory also has Popcorn Cards available, which include a snack-size bag of popcorn to assist in conveying a “corny” sentiment for any occasion.

The Popcorn Factory Photo
Photo Source: The Popcorn Factory Facebook page

Garrett Popcorn Shops
Woodfield Mall, Ground Floor, 5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg | (847) 330-1537 
If you are truly craving popcorn from a Chicago institution, it might be worth the trip to visit Garrett Popcorn Shops’ newest location at Woodfield Mall.  Taste their Spicy CheeseCorn (available for a limited time only), the traditional Garrett Mix (Caramel Crisp and CheeseCorn mix), or one of their specialty popcorn and nut mixtures like Macademia Caramel Crisp.

Homemade Gourmet Popcorn
If you are feeling adventurous, and want to try something new and homemade, Little Lake County’s own Heather from A Girl and Her Kitchen has several gourmet popcorn recipes that she shares on her blog. Try your hand at making: 

Each of these recipes is sure to delight the popcorn lover in your life.

Is your favorite place for popcorn listed here?  If not, let us know what we can add by leaving us a comment below.

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