National Popcorn Day: Gourmet Popcorn in Lake County

January 19th is National Popcorn Day. Everyone’s favorite treat at the movie theatre is a big tub of popcorn. But a little mix of sweet and salty popcorn makes the world go ’round. While it doesn’t need to be a national holiday for you to eat it, make a point to purchase gourmet popcorn made in Lake County today.

popcorn in lake county

While Chicago mix is always very popular, there is a slew of other popcorn flavors that people go bananas over (I’m not sure if there is banana flavor popcorn out there. If there is, then don’t pardon the pun).  Read on to find out where to get great gourmet popcorn made in Lake County.

The Popcorn Factory Store
13970 W. Laurel Dr., Lake Forest

The Popcorn Factory is Lake County’s “popcorn authority” with its impressive collection of crowd-pleasing gifts and great-tasting snacks. The factory store in Lake Forest delights customers with delicious, premium popcorn, cookies, candies, nuts, and snacks of all kinds.  A trip to The Popcorn Factory Store is sure to be an adventure every time!

Doc Popcorn
(two locations)
Gurnee Mills
Gurnee Mills, 6170 W. Grand Avenue, Gurnee | (847) 855-2600
Lake Forest (Lake Forest Oasis)
3783 W. Tollway Oasis Service Road, Lake Forest | (847) 250-7677
Look no further than Doc Popcorn for an array of flavored popcorn free of trans fat and MSG. Savory flavors include cheesy cheddar, better butter, salt ‘n pepper, triple white cheddar, and hoppin’ jalapeno. Sweet flavors include apple crisp, sweet butter, classic kettle, caramel bliss, sinfully cinnamon, French toast, Denver mix, cheese ‘n caramel and caramel kettle.

G.H. Cretors
Waukegan, IL

While you can’t purchase directly from the manufacturer, you will find it in at local stores. This popcorn is born and bred in Waukegan, and amounts to delicious bags of goodness. Flavors include caramel corn, cheese corn, Chicago mix, simply salted (organic), extra virgin olive oil (organic), pumpkin spice, orchard apple caramel and double chocolate caramel corn. All of the popcorn is gluten-free and kosher.

Highland Pop Gourmet Popcorn
1822 2nd St., Highland Park | (847) 433-4200

Highland Pop Gourmet Popcorn is a family-owned and operated shop located in downtown Highland Park. Delicious popcorn is made fresh every day, all day long, in small batches. Corn is popped in coconut oil, using the finest quality nut-free and gluten-free ingredients. And this store offers an extensive list of flavors including caramel, cheddar, Highland Park mix, white cheddar, flaming hot, cheddar, cheddar black pepper, cheddar crushed red pepper, jalapeno, garlic, smoked bacon, pizza pie, ranch, and many more.

Long Grove Popcorn Shoppe
318 Old McHenry Road, Long Grove | (847) 821-9101

Another family-owned and operated business, the Long Grove Popcorn Shoppe is located in the historic Long Grove. Delicious popcorn is made the old-fashioned way, with quality ingredients.  The store offers a variety of popcorn flavors, available in bags or decorative tins.

Where will you celebrate National Popcorn Day in Lake County?

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