National Screen-Free Week 2013

screen free week

If you are like many families, your children spend some time each day interacting with some sort of screen.  iPads, phones, hand-held devises, video games, television, and computers are a big draw for kids of all ages.  In order to cut down the time spent with screens, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has instituted a National Screen-Free Week.

This year, National Screen-Free week will be April 29th-May 5th.  According to the CCFC, Screen-Free Week is a national celebration where people of all ages spend seven days turning off entertainment and turning on life!  It is a turning point, or springboard for making changes and spending more time with people you love.  Individuals may choose to organize an event of their own to celebrate if they choose.  Or, you can just do it on your own, which is what my family has done in the past.  No special equipment needed, just have your family take a pledge!

There are many online helpers for you to use- just be sure to print them out before the week starts!  I found an organizer’s kit from the National Website, as well as some printable pledges and  printable contracts.  Before the week begins, think about alternative projects and entertainment you can have ready for the kids to do.  Use what is in your own home- board games, puzzles, etc. Or, in case we have great weather, get outside!

Good luck to you and your family.  Even if you can’t get through the whole week, try a couple of days.  I’m always excited to try this, and surprisingly, so are my kids!

Are you participating in Screen Free Week? Share some of your plans with us!

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